Living in constant doubt is not healthy. When your suspicions are always running in your mind, you lose a lot of focus and sleep. Thankfully, by contacting North American Investigations (NAI), you can put an end to your distress. Our private investigators in Brooklyn, New York will help you look for the answers you need to help put your mind at ease.

NAI’s professionals are comfortable working in the shadows. This allows us to gather information discreetly, without having to alarm your target. Whenever we find a key element for your case, we’ll be sure to contact you immediately. NAI is reliable and transparent with all our clients.

North American Investigations is Ready to Help

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, or that your newly hired employee is a bit shady, NAI will help you clarify your doubts. We have various ways to clear all your suspicions, all of which are done silently and as quickly as possible. Our services include your basic surveillance, infidelity private investigations, and missing person(s) & skip tracing investigations; as well as the following:

  • Child custody investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Background investigations
  • And many more!

NAI’s services are available for corporations, businesses, insurance companies, law firms, and individuals who need the expertise of private investigators. We have offices located in New York and Long Island.

Call NAI When You Need Private Eyes

When you hire North American Investigations, you’ll receive a one-on-one consultation with our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio. This encounter will help you understand which investigative procedure we’ll use for your case. In addition to this, Darrin Giglio will talk with you at length on your situation to help you understand the position that you are in. If you have any questions or concerns during the investigation, do not hesitate to call. Our private investigators are on call 24/7. The consultation with our Chief Investigator is non-obligatory and free. Feel free to give us a call when you’re ready.

About Brooklyn, New York

Among New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is the most populous with 2.6M residents (according to the 2015 census). The population is composed of diverse communities, which include: Jewish American, Chinese American, Latino American, Caribbean and African American, Muslim American, and many more.

Brooklyn has played an important part in American Culture. It is seen and used in various forms of art like literature, cinema, and theater, and hosts numerous cultural venues in the area. When it comes to getting around the borough, Brooklyn encourages its residents to use public transit.  About eighteen New York City Subways pass through the borough. Thus, 57% of Brooklyn’s households do not have vehicles.


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