Our Los Angeles private investigators have the credentials, expertise, and experience required for your investigation. By hiring our services, we can give you the peace of mind and the security that you need. Whether it’s a simple background check or you need a Los Angeles missing person private investigaor, we can handle it.

California Private Investigator Areas We Serve

We cover central California, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Coast, the South Coast, and primarily Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Hills. NAI’s private investigators in Los Angeles are here to help find the proof you need for any case you are looking to conduct. Call now for a free consultation with one of our investigators. North American Investigations is a fully licensed and bonded agency in the state of California.

Why Hire a Private Investigator to Find Someone?

There are many cases, such as finding a missing person, where the police may not be able to give you immediate assistance. Given that the police usually handle multiple cases at a time, this is where the services of a private investigator can help you out. Hiring a private investigator gives you a service provider that is dedicated to your case and will work hard to find the one that you’re looking for.

A private investigator can also go to greater lengths during their search compared to the local authorities. This is especially true in instances when you suspect the missing person to in another state, or even another country. In cases such as these, the police will need to coordinate with another agency to be able to continue a search that is normally outside their jurisdiction – all of which takes time to arrange.

If you need quick and effective results, then hiring the services of a private investigator to find someone you’re looking for is the best solution. North American Investigations is experienced in finding missing persons and have assisted in thousands of clients with similar cases over its long years of operating within Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Private Investigator Services

Whether you need to find a missing person, are having issues with infidelity and cheating, need help with child custody, are a victim of fraud, or need to check a person’s background, our detectives can help you. North American Investigations is a Los Angeles private investigator agency that has been conducting professional investigations for over 45 years, providing solid evidence and solving cases to its clients. NAI has been featured in numerous media such as the front page of the NY Times and the front page of the NY Post.

NAI has over 30 trained Los Angeles private investigators with extensive law enforcement backgrounds and advanced technology to solve your case. We’re up-to-date with all the latest investigative developments and utilizes its effective proprietary methods in solving your case, remaining a leader in the industry. Your case will be investigated in a discreet manner and we will make sure that your case’s details remain confidential.

Services We Offer

  • Surveillance Investigation Services

    Regardless of the reason, you need trained professionals to provide you with personal or electronic surveillance services. NAI’s private detectives in Los Angeles CA are highly skilled at all types of surveillance, even vehicle tracking… read more about our Surveillance Investigation Services

  • Infidelity Investigations

    Infidelity investigations, sometimes referred to as “matrimonial” or “spousal” investigations, require a specific sequence of tasks, uniquely implemented for each individual investigation… read more about our infidelity investigation services

  • Child Custody Investigations

    Child custody and child support investigations are among the most important services an NAI Los Angeles private investigator provides. Because we understand how important these issues are, you can be sure you will receive our best efforts for your case… read more about our child custody investigation services

  • Criminal Investigations Services

    NAI’s team of Los Angeles private investigators consists of former police detectives and federal law enforcement agents are highly seasoned in criminal investigations. No matter how complex your case may be, our agency brings that background to bear in their investigation work… read more about our Criminal Investigation Services 

  • Background Investigations

    NAI offers a complete range of personal as well as business background investigation services to clients. Our experience researching and uncovering pertinent and relevant information related to a prospective spouse, business partner, employee or vendor consistently helps you make important decisions… read more about our Background Check Investigations

  • Fraud Investigations

    Fraud can be one of the most challenging issues to prove. The type of investigation services required when dealing with fraud cases demands experience only a seasoned Los Angeles private investigator can offer… read more about Fraud Investigation Services

  • Insurance Investigations

    Insurance investigations include fraud, yet there are many other types of insurance cases that require complex investigative work. And thanks to our four decades of experience, NAI’s insurance investigations team has what it takes for such work… read more about our insurance investigations

  • Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

    If someone you love or care about is missing, quite often NAI can provide the dedicated investigation services law enforcement agencies don’t have due to staffing or budgetary constraints… read more about our Missing Person Investigations

  • Additional Services

    In addition to the variety of primary investigation services NAI provides, our experience as Los Angeles private investigators spans a much wider range of services as well. If the services you need aren’t listed above, contact our team and ask how we may be able to help you… read more about the additional services we offer

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