Conducting a private investigation is not an easy task. Without the proper investigative skills and equipment, it will be impossible to find out the truth. Therefore, if you want something privately investigated, don’t do it yourself. Instead, contact North American Investigations, so that we can do the investigations for you.

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Here, at North American Investigations, we take our job very seriously. It’s not easy gathering information without being seen, that is why our forces are comprised of experienced PIs around Flatiron District, NYC. We can track down any and all clues that’ll lead you to the answers you are seeking. And with our professional skills at your disposal, finding the truth will be made simpler. Our investigation services are open for concerned individuals, corporations and businesses of all sizes, insurance companies, and law firms. We are also capable of conducting our investigations at a local, national, and international scale.

Our investigation skills and expertise include:

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Message us your concerns on our Contact Us page. Our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio will have a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss your situation. Once your case is planned out, we’ll be able to use the proper investigatory procedures to get the job done. This meeting is at no cost and is also non-obligatory.

About Flatiron District, NYC

Flatiron District was named after the Flatiron Building, which is located on 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue. The name “Flatiron District” was popularized during 1985 because real estate agents needed an appealing name to advertise the area. Primarily, Flatiron District was a commercial area with an influx of restaurants, small clothing shops, and toy manufacturers. However, the district does have a residential character to it.

Flatiron District may not be riddled with attractions, but it is surrounded by impressive landmarks and buildings. These include the Flatiron Building (one of the oldest and original New York skyscrapers), Met Life Tower, and the New York Life Building. Flatiron District was also home to a couple of notable figures like comic book writer, artist, editor, and Chief of Creative Officer of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada.


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