With North American Investigations’ (NAI) private investigators on the job, the residents of Forest Hills, Queens can now be at ease. NAI has some of the finest agents in the country, who are prepared and dedicated in gathering accurate information on your target. By working in the shadows, we silently clear all of your suspicions without fear. And whenever a major development in your case arises, we’ll contact you immediately.

North American Investigations is a Name You Can Trust

North American Investigations offers an array of services to fit any kind of case. This gives us an edge in the private eye field, as we are able to perform more investigations than any other company. Surveillance and infidelity private investigations are our most requested services, but we also perform:

Our private investigators are able to conduct investigations for businesses and corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and interested individuals. Additionally, if your case is on a large scale of importance, we can take it to local, national, or international soil. If you are ready to hire our private eyes, contact NAI.

We are On-Call 24/7

If you need a private eye’s expertise in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to call North American Investigations. All of NAI’s private investigators are at the ready 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, allowing us to collect information day or night. Darrin Giglio, our Chief Investigator, will clear his schedule to have a one-on-one consultation with you. During this meeting, he’ll explain what kind of situation you are in, what procedure suits your case, and how our private investigators conduct their investigations. We want to have a transparent and strong relationship with our clients, and we are not afraid to answer even the most perplexing questions about your case. Meeting our Chief investigator is not mandatory and is free of charge.

About Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills was originally referred to as “Whitepot”, which was an area that consisted of wood-frame farmhouses, fields of crops, and humble landmarks. Today, Forest Hills, Queens is home to about 83,700 or so people (according to the 2010 census), and has leveled up from its quaint farm atmosphere. There are dozens of upscale housing, low and high-rise apartments, and townhouses in the area. Plus, aside from notable landmarks like the United States Post Office, Forest Hills has two monuments that can be visited by the locals and tourists. These are the “Great War”, which is a tribute to the victims of the First World War, and the mast of the Columbia – the winner of the America’s Cup yacht races (1899 and 1901).


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