When you need to search for answers or look for the truth, then contact North American Investigations (NAI). We are the private eyes you need to clear all of your suspicions or erase your doubts on any suspicious activity. NAI is willing to take on all kinds of cases, and we are not afraid to go the extra mile. When your situation calls us to travel to local, national, or international soil, we will go there without hesitation.

Our private investigators are quick and reliable. They are trained to gather precise and detailed data, without disturbing your mark’s daily routine. And if you need to clarify or ask any questions, just pick up the phone and call us. North American Investigations’ PIs are on-call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Services NAI Offers

NAI is commited to provide professional private investigation services to the citizens of Malba, Queens. And to do this, our private eyes are trained not only to work in the shadows, but perform other types of investigations as well. Yes, we do offer your standard surveillance and infidelity private investigations services, but we also have:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Missing person & skip tracing
  • Child custody investigations

North American Investigations can also conduct investigations and provide protection in the virtual world. Our investigative methods caters to corporations and businesses of any size and level, law firms, insurance companies, and anyone who wishes to avail our services.

North American Investigations Has Your Back

NAI conducts every investigation with utmost professionalism, from beginning to end. When we receive a case, you have the opportunity to meet our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio, in a one-on-one consultation. This meeting will help you understand the kind of situation you are in, and how NAI typically conducts an investigation. We want our client to trust us as much as possible. Therefore, if you need to reach us, call us anytime. We operate on a 24/7 basis.

About Malba, Queens

Malba is a subsection located in Whitestone, Queens. The neighborhood got its name from the first letters of its five founders, namely, Maycock, Alling, Lewis, Bishop, and Avis (Malba Land Company). At a glance, Malba is one of New York’s exclusive communities. Most of the houses here are large, private, single-family homes, so for those looking to live in a condo or apartment, then Malba’s not for you. Because of its exclusivity, Malba doesn’t have any convenient public transportation stationed around. However, Malba’s proximity to the waterfront and its chill atmosphere are two very good reasons to stick around in this neighborhood.


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