Though local law enforcers are capable of aiding you with your plight, they can only do so much. When you find yourself in a difficult situation that raises your suspicions, sometimes hiring someone with a specific skill set is who you need. And we, at North American Investigations (NAI) can provide you with that professional.

Contact NAI and experience what it’s like working with private investigators in Manhattan Valley. Our methods let us work in the shadows, allowing us to gather accurate information without causing a scene. NAI is fast, discrete, and on call 24/7.

NAI will Help You Find Answers

Unlike the detectives that are portrayed in popular media, the skills of professional private investigators are more refined. NAI’s experts are trained in various techniques to tackle your case. And depending on your situation, our private investigators can perform:

  • Surveillance
  • Infidelity private investigations
  • Missing person(s) investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Background checks
  • Many more!

NAI’s services cater to individuals from all walks of life. We can protect corporations and businesses, help law firms and insurance companies, and aid citizens with their suspicions. NAI also does not turn down any challenge, as we can take our investigations to local, national, or international affairs.

NAI is at Your Service 24/7

Giving us a call will grant you an audience with our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio. He is the man who’ll look into your case, choose the appropriate investigation method for your case, and tell you precisely how we’ll do it. This allows NAI’s private investigations to be transparent and reliable. Also, meeting our Chief Investigator is not mandatory and is absolutely free of charge. We have offices located in New York and Long Island.

About Manhattan Valley, Manhattan

The Manhattan Valley neighborhood is located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Its boundary is comprised of iconic locations, which include: West 110th street, Central Park West, West 96th Street, and Broadway. Since the 1980s, Manhattan Valley’s gentrification has improved significantly. This led to the population and cost of rent to rise, the renovation of old city buildings, and the construction of new housing. Manhattan Valley is also surrounded by numerous landmarks, such as the Status Park and Frederick Douglass Circle. Fun fact, the country’s 44th president, Barack Obama rented an apartment that is located at 142 West 109th Street, between Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue.


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