When you suspect that something suspicious is going on in your relationship, company, or social media account, North American Investigations (NAI) is the private eye agency to call. Prolonging your doubts can destroy your personal or professional life. Therefore, let our private investors ease your worries by gathering information in the shadows. We’ll help you gather the data you need to confirm your suspicions or clear all your doubts. Our services vary depending on your situation, so don’t hesitate to call.

Investigations we Offer

North American Investigations is proud to provide the citizens of Oakland Gardens, Queens, various investigative services to aid them with their situation. Offering more services means that we can serve more people, as NAI caters to businesses and corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and the everyday American.

Surveillance and infidelity private investigations are our most requested investigations, but we also have:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Child custody investigations
  • Missing person & skip tracing

NAI also has services that can investigate and protect you from the threats lurking in social media. We can even handle cases can bring us to local, national, or international soil if needed.

North American Investigations is On-Call

What makes North American Investigations better than the rest is that our agents are at the ready 24/7. Gathering information is a demanding, sleepless job and our private investigators are determined to stay up all night to watch over your target. What’s more, with every case we receive, our clients will be given a one-on-one consultation with our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio. During this meeting, our clients are briefed on their situation, and what NAI can do to help them. This way, we are strengthening our clients trust, assuring them that our services are reliable and transparent. This meeting is non-obligatory and free of charge. If you are ready to have your case handled by the experts, contact North American Investigations today!

About Oakland Gardens, Queens

Oakland Gardens is a neighborhood situated in the southern part of Bayside, Queens. It is surrounded by Long Island Expressway to the north, Alley Pond Park to the east, Union Turnpike to the south, and Cunningham Park to the west. Its name was probably taken from Fredrick Newbold Lawrence’s mansion called “The Oaks”, which was built in 1847. However, some locals call Oakland Gardens as the “southern Bayside”, due to its proximity and similarity to the Bayside. The neighborhood’s character is quite distinct because it’s a mixture of apartment complexes and suburban homes. Most of the apartments are found in mid-rise buildings or in garden apartment complexes, mixed in with typical suburban homes.


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