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Why you need an accident investigator on your side

NAI carries out Accident Analysis or an accident investigation in order to establish the source or sources of an accident or series of accidents so as to prevent further incidents of a similar kind.

Accidents happen; they are a fact of life. There are many types of accidents, including work accidents, car accidents and residential accidents. While in some cases, nobody is at fault for an accident, other accidents may be the result of negligence. Nobody intends to cause an accident, but that does not mean the decisions they made did not result in that accident.

So how is fault determined? Only a qualified accident private investigator can determine who, if anyone, is at fault. There are many benefits to knowing who is at fault, including the potential for financial compensation, a civil lawsuit, and even criminal charges filed against the party at fault.

What is an accident investigation?

An accident investigation consists of collecting evidence, talking with witnesses and going through medical records to determine what exactly happened during the accident. Once the accident has been recreated and the accident investigator knows how it happened, they can begin working on what caused the accident. When they determine the cause, they come to a viable conclusion on whether or not the cause was the result of another person or if it was just a ‘freak’ accident.

Financial compensation

If an accident is deemed as the result of negligence or the bad decision of another person, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The amount of compensation will depend on a number of factors, including the extent of your injuries, extent of the other party’s negligence and the accident itself. The minimum amount you should be entitled to is the amount of medical bills you sustained as a result of the accident plus any lost wages if you missed work because of your injuries. In some cases where there is permanent damage or mental trauma, you may be entitled to quite a bit more in financial compensation.

Civil lawsuits

When one person thinks that another person is at fault for their accident but the other party disputes the allegations, a civil suite can be filed. A civil lawsuit is when one person thinks they should be compensated for injuries or damages sustained as a result of another person’s decisions or actions. This differs from a criminal case, where the restitution involved is typically monetary with no jail time on the table. The judge and sometimes jurors will listen to both sides of the case as well as expert testimony to determine who is at fault and what, if any, monetary compensation should be paid. This is when the expertise of the accident investigator comes into play. The investigator will testify in court as to their findings and who they have determined to be at fault.

Criminal charges

There are some cases where both financial compensation and criminal charges should be filed against an individual who has been deemed at fault. This is often the case in fatal auto accidents that involve a person who was driving erratically or under the influence. Again, this is where the investigator testifies to the court as to what they found throughout the course of their investigation.

Why you should hire an accident investigator

Anyone who has suffered injury, damage or death of a loved one, due to any kind of accident, should hire an investigator to determine the cause and fault. Every insurance company has their own investigator who will be on their side, who will defend them. You need to have the same expert on your side to protect you during the accident investigation. Your private investigator will go to bat for you, help you determine who is actually at fault and will help you get through the court proceedings to make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Accidents may just be accidents that happen, but they may also be the result of another person’s bad decision or negligence. When someone is at fault for any accident, they should be held responsible for their actions. If their actions result in medical bills, they should pay for those bills, if the result is damage, they need to pay for that damage. Most people will go to court to defend themselves so you need to have an expert on your side to defend you.