Are you in desperate need of finding the perfect nanny?

NAI is here to assist you in finding a great match for your family. Unlike other background check sites, we go the extra mile to personalize all data found in a background check and verify that the information you are given is not only up to date but also accurate. If available, we also check sitter online reviews social media sites, interview their references (both professional and personal), and can even have our hiring manager sit in person with you while you search for the optimal match.

All nanny background checks include (but are not limited to): name, address, SSN, and date of birth verification; bankruptcies, liens, judgments, properties, corporate affiliations, drivers license information, vehicle information, criminal history, traffic information, motor vehicles registered and accidents, and witness testimony statements from family or neighbors or previous employers.

Why Performing a Nanny Background Investigation is Imperative

It seems to go without saying: trusting someone with your child day in and day out requires a deeper knowledge about the individual than say, just a neighborhood babysitter. However, when it comes to hiring a nanny, so many parents are squeamish about the process.

Gauge their Temperament and Honesty

If the prospective nanny balks at the idea of a babysitter background check, you should take that as a sign that they might have something to hide. What’s more, if they argue with you about the simple request, they may even have a short temper which is less than ideal for your child.

Reduce Your Liability

Let’s say you unknowingly hire a convicted felon or illegal alien to care for your child. Then, that nanny takes your child to a public park and plays with other children. Suppose one of the other children is harmed somehow. You could potentially find yourself liable.

Uncover Accusations of Child Abuse

A nanny background investigation can uncover accusations of child abuse. Caregivers, according to 2001 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention statistics, committed 4% of all child abuse felonies.

Conduct a Credit Check

A credit check on a prospective nanny could reveal a willingness to steal.  Bankruptcies, delinquencies and charge-offs are all signs that a nanny might feel entitled to more money than they have – and that they may have a willingness to steal from you.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let the discomfort that comes with asking for background information on a nanny or babysitter deter you from this all-important process. Private Investigators can perform nanny background lookups quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively. The risks that come from hiring someone unfit to care for your child are far more worrisome than the discomfort that comes with the asking. If your favorite nanny candidate doesn’t submit to the process, then you should keep looking.