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What are Civil Investigations?

Private investigators are often sought for help in gathering evidence for different types of disputes. Civil investigations gather evidence for civil disputes and can cover a wide range of activities. There are different types of civil investigations that a private investigator may be hired for.

NAI carries out a number of civil investigations every year to help uncover and assemble the information needed for a civil trial. We utilize civil investigations to gather the evidence that is essential to our clients, especially if needed for trial.

Techniques Used in Civil Investigations

Private investigators use many different techniques to gather information. For domestic investigations background checks and security surveillance or nanny cams are often used. By using background checks and cameras, an investigator can find out information such as criminal history and whether or not a person is trustworthy.

Witness Interviews

In business litigation and personal injury investigations witness may be interviewed. A private investigator will be able to conduct an interview professionally while finding the facts of a case. Witness interviews are especially important in civil cases and a good private investigator will have experience in conducting a high effective interview.

Physical Searches

In a missing persons search an investigator may use other techniques such as enlisting the aid of a recovery agent, a person who is skilled in locating fleeing persons. Physical searches, video surveillance and networking with informants and other private investigators are also helpful in locating a missing person.


Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator for Civil Investigations

In any trial or dispute evidence is critical to a successful case. Hiring a private investigator for a civil investigation can guarantee that the evidence obtained is done so legally. Private investigators also often have access to resources that the individual does not and have the experience to find information that is critical to a successful court case or in resolving a dispute between two parties.

Types of Civil Investigations

Domestic Investigations
Domestic investigations use domestic surveillance to gather information for cases involving background checks and surveillance on people who may work within the home.

Marital Investigations
This type of investigation can also focus on marital and divorce issues and an investigator might be asked to find information on possible infidelity or evidence that can be brought to a divorce proceeding.

Child Custody or Abuse Investigations
A private investigator may be asked to find information on one of the parents to help in a custody case or to prove that abuse or negligence may be occurring within the home.

Personal Injury
Personal injury investigations gather evidence on how and where an injury occurred. This type of investigation can include motor vehicle or bicycle accidents, wrongful death, product and premises liability.

Worker’s Compensation
A private investigator may be hired to gather evidence to determine whether insurance fraud is occurring for a work related injury claim.

Asset Investigation
Asset searches help uncover possible hidden funds and items of value for such cases such as bankruptcy, default on debts, collection of judgments and divorce litigation.

Business Disputes
Business litigation investigations include corporate and partnership disputes, construction claims, breach of contract, fraud, wrongful termination and insurance coverage disputes.

Missing Persons
Police often will not begin a search for a missing person until after a certain amount of time has elapsed and will only search for a certain amount of time. A private investigator can begin immediately to search for a missing child or adult and continue to gather evidence for as long as they are needed.