Helping Businesses Back On Their Feet

Everyday, millions of employees commit crimes and steal from their employers, leaving their employers in the dark. North American Investigations offers real life solutions for sexual harassment, discrimination, employee theft, substance abuse, industrial espionage, conflicts of interest and other misconduct in the work place. We strive to assist businesses by changing their policies to prevent problems in the future.

Catering to Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We help employers conduct background investigations, gather information and conduct interviews about employees and their misconduct if needed. Additionally, we are able to identify the underlying cause of numerous problems and criminal activity, determine action that needs to be taken, and help you implement policies to prevent future problems.

Completely Customized Investigations

We understand that each case is unique and we will customize a corporate investigation to help your individual needs. We also conduct surveillance, workers compensation fraud investigations and provide each of our clients with a report of investigation, video/photos, and are able to testify in court if needed. We will help you hire the most qualified candidates, improve the moral inside the office while helping you decrease theft, and help you accomplish your workplace goals.

Our services include:

•    Run criminal background investigations
•    Social security number investigation
•    License and vehicle investigations
•    Education, employment, and license checks
•    Employee credit checks
•    Drug screening
•    Bankruptcy history investigation
•    Liens and judgment investigations
•    Civil record checks
•    Worker’s compensation check
•    Discrimination/sexual harassment

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