What is Executive Protection?

Executive protection is the professional term for a bodyguard or someone who maintains the safety and security of another person. While this has ideally been a trade for large, muscular men who invoke fear in those around them, the field has changed dramatically in the age of technology. Today, private investigators, especially those who have previous law enforcement experience, are now enjoying careers in executive protection where they are able to protect their clients by guarding them and their virtual assets.

If You Are in Danger, Hire a Bodyguard

Our executive protection services are for anyone who feels they may be in any kind of danger from various threats, both physical and virtual. Traditionally, executive protection has been reserved for the rich and famous but today, just about anyone can enjoy the protection. CEOs of corporations, children of wealthy tycoons and of course, celebrities and politicians are all people who have enlisted our services of executive protection.

Protect Yourself from Any Type of Threat

Executive protection serves to protect our clients from any type of threat. Whether it is a physical threat, terror threat or virtual threat, our bodyguards is trusted to ensure the safety of the client, their family and their assets. These assets can be anything from money to account information and even their social network access. Executive protection ensures the safety and security of the client physically, mentally, virtually and financially.

Bodyguards Experienced in Criminal Justice

Our private investigators have gone through formal training in criminal justice. Most of our investigators are licensed to carry a concealed weapon and have the ability to use force if necessary to protect the client, their family and their belongings. People who need executive protection do not need muscle, they need someone who will protect them in every sense of the word.

Type of Training

Our licensed and insured private investigators have worked previously in military or law enforcement where they have received additional training in both protection of others and self-defense. Those who pursue a career in executive protection are well-equipped to handle any physical threat to themselves or their clients.

Protection Duties of a Private Investigator

A private investigator can help to find any kind of threat anywhere in the world. If there is a threat in the Cayman Islands against a hidden bank account, they have the ability to get the information needed to find the culprit and get the assets back. At the same time, they also have the experience and training needed to handle any physical attack that might arise at the local level. Should the client be threatened on social media or other internet means, they are alerted immediately so they can determine who is at fault and stop the issue before it turns into something larger. They are well-equipped and highly trained to stop any potential threat before the client even knows what is happening. They offer peace of mind to those they work for.

In addition to any duties that pertain to potential threats, our private investigator will also travel with our clients and hire any potential team members to help with the protection of the client. They are in charge of ensuring that every member of the team should be there and that they have never been a part of any type of threat. They ensure that anyone who comes in contact with the client will not ever pose a threat to their safety or security.

How to Hire a Bodyguard for Executive Protection

When hiring a private investigator for executive protection, be sure that they are highly experienced and well-trained. They should have a record of any degrees they hold and work experiences they have had. They should be able to voice the expertise they have in the field and how they plan on protecting those they are in charge of. Never hire anyone just off the street for protection; check references, experience and education to be sure they are who they say they are.

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