What is Fraud?

Fraud. It’s a white-collar crime that costs American businesses many millions of dollars every year. Whether due to the dishonesty of a company insider, the deliberate deceit of a vendor or perpetrated by someone from outside the organization, fraud is serious and should be investigated as soon as it’s detected. If your outfit is bleeding money and you don’t know why, consult a Certified Fraud Examiner without delay.

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Is a private investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner the same thing?

A licensed Private Investigator and a Certified Fraud Examiner are not necessarily one and the same. Both conduct interviews and investigations, but fraud investigators generally have more experience with matters of corporate finance.

A PI with an extensive accounting background may be qualified to perform some types of fraud investigation. In many cases, private investigators and fraud examiners work as a team to uncover the source or sources of a company’s financial loss.

This sort of partnership can be a win-win situation, because most PIs are not accountants and most CFEs would just as soon not dive into dumpsters or do long hours of surveillance in a quest to unearth info during the course of a fraud investigation. Most perpetrators of corporate fraud are intelligent enough to cover their tracks. Many believe they’re too smart to be prosecuted. For this reason, corporate fraud and corruption can be very hard to prove.

Prove Insurance Fraud

Somewhat easier to prove are cases of insurance fraud. While the detection of corporate fraud can involve hundreds of hours of investigative time, detecting insurance fraud is sometimes as easy as following the alleged injured party for a few hours and snapping pics of them performing activities atypical of an injured person.

Of course, not all cases of insurance fraud private investigation revolve around an individual making a spurious claim. Sometimes a PI or CFE is called upon to investigate insurance providers who refuse to pay legitimate claims to injured parties.

Why hire a professional

As mentioned previously, most white-collar fraud artists are smart. Many are willing to go to great lengths to avoid detection and prosecution. If a person whose only investigative experience is watching cop shows on TV tried to do their own private eyeing, they could find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Only a trained professional has the savvy and the know-how to conduct a fraud investigation the right way. Only licensed investigators should attempt covert surveillance.

An amateur who blows their cover can get into serious trouble. Amateur investigators, no matter how honorable their intentions, are not apt to understand the laws regarding evidence collection. One piece of good info, improperly managed, can get an otherwise worth fraud case thrown out of court.

Our Fraud Investigations Division is comprised of qualified experts with extensive experience uncovering fraud and investigating these types of cases with tangible results. Our fraud investigators have the ability to solve complex fraud investigations and meet critical objectives. Our primary focus is detecting and preventing fraud.

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What Clients Are Saying

Our Fraud And Claims Investigators Can Handle The Following:

  • Work History Investigations

    Are the claimants alleging they cannot work? Our fraud detectives will disclose any current or previous work history that the claimant or plaintiff may be trying to hide this alternative to surveillance saves both money & time.

  • Sports History Investigations

    Whether your injured claimant is playing golf, bowling, or simply going to the gym – our investigators will provide you with the evidence you need.

  • Business History Investigations

    is your claimant involved in an unreported business venture? Our private investigators will not only find the business and location, but also provide the evidence you need. If its a cash business, our private investigators will show you how to prove how much the business is making.

  • Recorded Statements

    If your case does not require a face to face meeting, consider an in-house recorded statement. Our detectives take a detailed recorded statement and provide you with an audio copy. Our investigation firm also follows up with all relevant supporting documentation from the claimant or witness.

  • Additional Services Include

    Health insurance fraud investigations, marriage fraud, asset history lookup, neighbor canvass, civil records history check, property records history lookup, public records history investigation, criminal records history, widow history, & DMV history.