Global Positioning System Tracking and Investigations

NAI specializes in complete package solutions for vehicle GPS tracking, tracking devices for your kids, and much more. You no longer have to worry about where your most valuable assets are.

GPS Tracking

NAI is here to help you with protecting your children, teen vehicle tracking, elderly adult monitoring, businesses protection assets, and much more.

If someone suspects their teenager is driving unsafely or if a person believes a spouse is being unfaithful, what can they do? Modern technology in the form of Global Positioning Systems, or global positioning system, can be the answer.

Tracking the location of a car with a GPS device is cost effective and efficient when gather data. Law enforcement has also found that it provides valuable assistance in covert surveillance.

Global Positioning System (vehicle) tracking:

• Is a discreet, effective method of following one or more vehicles
• Is the ideal method of watching the comings and goings for individuals
• Is a tech based solution to finding a vehicle
• Is a cost effective method to maintain a visual image of the routes taken by a subject

How Does It Work?

A satellite based navigation system developed by the United States Department of Defense, a GPS can allow anyone with a GPS receiver to determine the position of a vehicle and its velocity. Once a GPS unit has been attached to the subject’s vehicle, data can be sent to a central database or internet connected computer. The data can then be displayed against a map backdrop, either in real time surveillance or recorded for later viewing using customized software.

Our investigators have found the use of GPS tracking to be a vital resource which allows the collection of data during mobile surveillance when an individual cannot be followed without the burden of being seen.

Effective Uses

Parents typically want to believe that their kids are being truthful about where they’ve been. Most parents are concerned for the child’s safety and statistics bear out the sad truth that the leading cause of teenage deaths are car accidents. With a GPS data logger, the device will record locations and speed of the vehicle as it moves around. Retrieved at a later time, the device is then connected to a computer to download and read the data.

The result is low cost, effective tracking in a detailed report.

Cheating Husband or Wife

A GPS tracking device placed on a spouse’s vehicle can help spot a lying spouse. Information will be obtained that shows dates, times and locations. Once the device is placed in the spouse’s car, no other surveillance is needed until the data is collected. Typically, a detailed surveillance would require a significant investment for the services of a private investigator. Using a GPS unit cuts costs as it assists in trapping a cheater. Once suspicious activity is verified, a decision can be made to hire a private investigator to learn more.

Employee Tracking

Business owners who wonder how their employees are using the company cars can benefit from vehicle tracking. If an employee is conducting personal errands on company time or abusing a company car, a GPS tracker might be the solution. Every time an employee drives a company vehicle, outside of authorized use, it costs the employer money.

Placing a GPS logger in the vehicle, the employer can monitor places and times the company car is moved. Retrieved later and connected to a computer to download the data, the employer can get a lost cost, detailed report of how the company car is being used.

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