Suspect a Cheating Spouse?

Our cheating investigation experts will work to uncover the truth for our clients about their cheating spouse or significant other. You deserve to know the truth about your relationship, and we will provide the evidence you need to prove infidelity.

Common Signs of Cheating

While paranoia can get the best of us sometimes, there are a few signs of a cheating spouse that can help you determine if it’s all in your head, or if there is reason to be suspicious. Infidelity investigations help determine if a spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful. Consider these signs before calling an investigator.

Sudden Need for Secrecy

Those who are doing something they think is wrong will often try to keep others from finding out. They will exhibit a sudden need for privacy, become more secretive, and will become more distant.

Staying Out Late

Cheaters will often use work or friends as a cover for times when they are cheating on their partners. Is your spouse suddenly staying late more often, or have more social engagements than normal? We can perform surveillance and utilize GPS tracking to identify their actual whereabouts.

Do I need an Infidelity Investigator?

Infidelity is a sensitive subject, and when you suspect someone is cheating, you should be sure that you want to conduct an investigation and consider the actions you may take after our investigation is complete. Our marital infidelity private investigators in New York City will work with the information you provide to gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. We will fully investigate any suspect in the case and will provide names, addresses, phone numbers, employment information, and a full background check. We also advise our clients to consider all their options before initiating an investigation.

Infidelity Statistics:

It is an unfortunate truth, but marriage statistics reveal that upwards of half of all married men are susceptible to cheating, and of those that do, more than eighty percent will lie about it to their partners. Of course, men are not the only ones to cheat, Both men and women in committed relationships cheat and lie about it. After their spouses present hard evidence, most partners will admit to cheating and work toward some sort of resolution with their partner.

How many people actually admit to their partners that they’ve cheated?

  • Thirty four percent of women and thirty percent of men admit to cheating
  • The average affair can last upwards of 2 years and sometimes even longer

Where do cheaters meet the “other person”?

  • Work (30%)
  • Old friends from the past (29%)
  • Business trips (9%)
  • School (7%)
  • Other (17%)

Why Should I Hire Your Agency to Conduct an Infidelity Investigation?

Whatever your reason for hiring a private investigator to investigate infidelity, you can be assured that we have an entire division dedicated to marital and infidelity investigations. We handle a large number of cases each year, and have the experience necessary to deliver quality results discreetly and professionally. We can provide non-confidential references upon request, and will provide the necessary evidence you need to prove infidelity and give you peace of mind.