Need to Find Someone?

Whether you are trying to locate someone who you’ve lost contact with, someone who has disappeared suspiciously, or someone you need to locate for other reasons, hiring a private investigator in New York City can help. With missing person investigations, we will work to locate the individual and uncover their contact information. Whatever the reason, there are times that you may need professional help locating someone without police involvement or if their case is been decalred cold/closed.

Focused, Valuable Searches

We don’t use public online database searches to provide quick and easy answers that are often out of date, false, or inaccurate. Our experienced investigators use their extensive training and experience to uncover factual information quickly. Our investigators have backgrounds in law enforcement and private investigations, and can help you find who you are looking for.

Our New York City missing persons investigators have helped locate missing children, old friends, or long lost loves, and sometimes people with whom our clients haven’t spoken to in more than 50 years. Whether you just want to know if your old friend is alive and well, or if you wish to reconnect with them after all these years, we can help. We strive to provide whatever answers you seek about your missing person or persons.

Unique, Personal Results

We understand that each missing persons investigation we do is unique and each has it’s own set of circumstances. Whether the person disappeared under suspicious circumstances like a kidnapping, runaway or fugitive, or if you are trying to locate long lost friends, we can help locate the person and provide you with the most recent information about them.

It is not unusual for people to lose contact with someone they were close with years ago, and people will often move, get married and change their name, change their phone number, and otherwise disappear. Hiring a private investigator in New York City can help you find whomever you are looking for, providing answers and closure. We will assign a team of investigators to your case who will follow up on leads and connect the dots to locate the individual you are looking for.

Don’t Police Handle Missing Persons?

In many cases, the police are of little help when it comes to finding someone who is not in any apparent danger or is an adult. You can file a missing persons report when a family member goes missing, but not until after 24 hours have passed in most jurisdictions.

And even with a missing persons report, unless there is a perceived or known risk of life the police do not actively search for a missing person. This can be agonizing and frustrating for individuals who are scared and worried about a loved one.

Private investigators in New York City can help in these situations. If a loved one has gone missing, whether they left of their own free will or if you think they might be in danger, every minute counts. Our team of investigators will work to find your loved one sooner, rather than later. In instances where the police did investigate but their trail has gone cold, we can continue the investigation to try to provide the answers you need.

When to Call Us for Help

Private investigators can help with missing persons cases. We will investigate active missing persons cases, and we can help track down long lost friends with whom you’ve lost contact. Whatever your reason for requiring our services, our highly trained professional investigators will utilize various tactics and resources to find your loved one.