Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Infidelity statistics show that a persons intuition is usually correct. No one knows your mate better than you. You know their habits, routines, and behaviors If you suspect you mate of being unfaithful the statistical probability is your intuition is probably correct. Gut feelings are usually the best indicators.

  • Sudden increase in time away from home, or often unaccounted for
  • Sudden changes in work schedule, last minute meetings or overtime
  • Decreased sexual interest in you
  • Wanting to try new things sexually or increase in sex due to guilt
  • Acting distracted or disinterested, you have become irrelevant
  • May be “unavailable” while at work, secretive about their schedule
  • Attends new functions outside of work, may want to attend alone
  • Phone calls are not returned timely, Phone often turned off
  • Leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone
  • Uses computer alone and secretly, or setup secret email account
  • Asks about your schedule more often than usual
  • Mileage on car is high yet they state only going short distances
  • Behavioral changes especially habits, routines, and attitude
  • Increased interest in appearance, dieting, working out, new clothes
  • Unexplained charges on credit card or withdrawals on bank statements
  • Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration or many text messages
  • Using a phone card or secret cell phone
  • Unexplained receipts in wallet or purse
  • Suspicious voicemails or text messages
  • Suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed, or data being erased
  • May have their phone bill go paperless
  • Caught in lies or inconsistencies, explanations that don’t add up
  • May have a gut feeling that something is wrong

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