Types of Surveillance:

Surveillance allows for the collection of evidence by closely observing and documenting the actions of an individual or group. A New York City private investigator at NAI is licensed to engage in surveillance and has the experience and skill to effectively carryout surveillance to meet the objectives of the case. Surveillance is difficult and sometimes dangerous. No one but a licensed private investigator should perform surveillance and most states have laws against stalking or harassment. Our private detectives possess the methods to successfully and discretely conduct surveillance, document evidence and uncover facts. Providing you with peace of mind is our goal.

Electronic Surveillance

Electronic surveillance utilizes surveillance and tracking equipment which can be used for most investigations if legal in target area . Electronic surveillance is often a combination of video and electronic tracking devices which include vehicle and GPS tracking devices… read more about Electronic Surveillance

Physical Surveillance

Most people think of physical surveillance when they think of private investigators, and this refers to the act of physically observing the subject of the investigation. Physical surveillance is used in a variety of cases including infidelity, criminal investigations, missing persons, and fraud amongst others. Our licensed private investigators will keep a close watch of a subject, documenting their movements and behavior… read more about Physical Surveillance

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is just one way private investigators gather evidence for a case. Through surveillance, our investigators monitor the behavior, patterns and activities of a subject, answering the questions of where they go, what they do, who they meet and what activities they are involved in. All surveillance is performed in a manner that is covert. The activities of the subject(s) are documented through detailed reports, video, and photographs. Our agency has valuable experience performing physical surveillance in New York City, and has helped solve numerous cases of various issues through the use of surveillance.

We hire only the best surveillance private investigators who can handle the most difficult surveillance cases. Our investigators are able to blend seamlessly into any location or situation, providing a fresh perspective and an unbiased opinion. We specialize in obtaining surveillance results that will help you prove your case.

What does a Private Investigator Look Like?

When it comes to private investigators, it is important that they blend in on the street, in a workplace, or in any other type of situation. Not having the right appearance can raise suspicions and puts surveillance activities at risk. In New York City, the need to be a chameleon is even more necessary, as different locations require a different look. We specifically assign investigators for each case based on their ability to provide the results necessary in that setting. We employ former federal agents, former law enforcement employees and experienced investigators who are all trained to fit in with the location where they are performing surveillance. We consider all the angles, and diligently work to deliver the best results for our clients’ needs. Read our guide to surveillance investigations, and contact our New York City branch with any questions.