If you are looking for a trustworthy private eye in Queens, New York, North American Investigations (NAI) is the name to look for. We have dozens of private investigators who are dedicated in working in the shadows, just to satisfy your needs. We have the necessary tools and experience to gather precise data on your target, without having to disturb their daily routine. With our private eyes working on your case, it is certain that we’ll catch your target in the act. And whenever we receive a huge development in your case, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

North American Investigations is ready to Help You

What makes NAI great is that we are not afraid to explore the boundaries that other private eyes are afraid to take. Our agents work tirelessly in the shadows to gather the information you need. And should the need arise, they can even take your case to the local, national, or international soil. We also provide a variety of services that help certain individuals and industries like businesses and corporations, law firms, insurance companies, as well as the everyday citizen.

North American Investigations can cover the basics like surveillance and infidelity private investigations, but we also have:

  • Missing persons & skip tracing
  • Child custody investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • And so much more

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Contact us when you’re ready to search for the answers that you need. Our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio, will invite you to a non-mandatory, free-of-charge consultation, and discuss your case with you. During this encounter you can ask him anything about our situation, and he will surely give you the answers you need. This consultation will help you understand your position, let you know which service suits your case, and how our private investigators will conduct it. If you have any more questions and inquiries, give us a call anytime. We are on-call 24/7.

About Queens, New York

The area of Queens, New York is the largest out of the five boroughs. It shares a water border with Manhattan and the Bronx, and is adjacent to Brooklyn. According to the census conducted in 2015, the population has reached 2,339,150 people, giving Queens a diverse community.

Queens may not have been the center of any major artistic movements in recent years, but its cuisine is as diverse as its citizens. In 2015, travel magazine, Lonely Planet, named Queens the top destination for its cultural and culinary diversity. What’s more, Queens has been the home famous artists like Tony Bennet, and the current poet laureate, Paolo Javier, so it hasn’t been out of the artistic scene just yet.


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