In today’s society, it is difficult to know if the person you are working with is trustworthy or not. Throughout the years, there have been cases where people have gotten away with trouble, because no one made the effort to monitor their activities. Families stop interacting with one another due to hidden secrets and infidelity; criminals evade arrest because they keep changing their identities; and plain-looking individuals can steal private data at a moment’s notice. Even when the law enforcers are there to help you, they can only do so much. Hence, when your situation calls for a private investigator in Rose Hill, Manhattan, remember to contact North American Investigations.

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North American Investigations offers an array of investigative procedures and methods. We have the standards like surveillance, infidelity private investigations, and missing persons investigations. But we provide Social Media investigations and Bug Sweeps as well. Our private investigators are ready for action, and offer their expertise to corporations and businesses, insurance companies, law firms, and the everyday American. Our PIs are also not afraid to take your case to the local, national, or international level if need be.

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If you are interested in hiring our services, feel free to call us. Our Chief of Investigator, Darrin Giglio, will setup a one-on-one consultation with you and explain what do for your case. He’ll discuss what investigative method we’ll use, how we conduct it, and assure you that we are on call 24/7. This meeting is hassle-free for it is free of charge and non-obligatory.

About Rose Hill, Manhattan

Rose Hill is located between the neighborhoods of Murray Hill and Gramercy Park. Though the area now goes by that name, Rose Hill remained unnamed until the 18th century. And, to this day, calling the neighborhood “Rose Hill” is not very common.

Though Rose Hill’s name isn’t popularly spoken, there are a couple of iconic landmarks and areas that give the neighborhood its own identity. Rose Hill is where Baruch College and School of Visual Arts campuses are located. And, if you are looking for amazing Indian food, Curry Hill along Lexington Avenue between 25th and 30th Streets has got you covered.



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