Residents living in Stuyvesant Square, Manhattan looking to investigate suspicious activities can contact North American Investigations and get the help they need. Our private investigators are experienced in working in the shadows, gathering precise and detailed information on your target’s whereabouts. It’s difficult to go about your daily lives knowing that something’s amiss. Let us help you ease your burden.

North American Investigations Services

North American Investigations specializes in an assortment of investigative procedures. Our most inquired services include surveillance and infidelity private investigations, but we also offer:

  • Child custody investigations services
  • Missing person(s) services
  • Fraud investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • And a whole lot more

North American Investigations can protect the name of businesses and corporations, help law firms and insurance companies, and save individuals from suspected suspicions. And, when the time comes for it, we can take your case to local, national, or even international soil. Our offices are located in New York and Long Island.

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If you need our professional private eyes, just give us a call. Hiring our services will grant you an audience with Darrin Giglio, our Chief Investigator. Through this one-on-one consultation, Darrin Giglio will discuss your situation and explain which investigative procedure we’ll use. This meeting is non-obligatory and free of charge, so feel free to drop by.

About Stuyvesant Square, Manhattan

Stuyvesant Square was originally going to be named Holland Square. In the year 1836, Gerard Stuyvesant and his wife, Hellen Rutherford, reserved four acres of the Stuyvesant Farm and sold it for five dollars to the City of New York. The original agreement was that the city was to build a fence around it. But it was only until the year 1847 when a cast-iron fence was erected around the square. During the 1900s, Stuyvesant Square was one of the city’s fashionable addresses. The Stuyvesant Building became the home of notable individuals such as George Putnam, Elizabeth Jordan (Harper’s Bazaar editor), and General George Armstrong Custer’s widow, Elizabeth Custer.

One of the most important and most beautiful areas in Stuyvesant Square is the park. The Stuyvesant Square Park was immensely rehabilitated during the 1930s, and was reopened in 1937. During the 1980s the cast-iron fence and two 1884 fountains were restored. On behalf of the park patrons the New York City Departs of Parks and Recreation operates and maintains the park to reserve the park’s historic beauty.


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