Without the proper investigative skills and knowhow, it is impossible to pinpoint who or what is raising your suspicion. Practically anyone can disappear without a trace, especially with the aid of today’s technology. In this kind of distress, you’ll need someone who can help you find the answers that you need. If this is case, contact North American Investigations whenever you need a Manhattan private investigator – your private eye in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

North American Investigations’ PIs are the best in their field. They continuously work in the shadows to quietly gather information for your case. They are quick on their feet, smart, and reliable. They are also on-call whenever you need them.

NAI Investigative Methods

NAI provides various procedures that target specific situations. Though our surveillance and infidelity private investigations are the most inquired services, we also offer:

  • Insurance investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Child custody investigations
  • Missing person(s) & skip tracing investigations
  • And more!

NAI’s services are not limited to, businesses, corporations, law firms, and insurance companies alone. Because even concerned citizens may approach us for help.

When You Need Something Investigated, Call NAI

When you need to reach NAI, just call us. Once we receive your case, you’ll be given a one-on-one consultation with our Chief Investigator, Darrin Giglio. In this meeting, he will explain your situation and choose which investigative procedure is appropriate for your case. Furthermore, this consultation is not mandatory and is absolutely free of charge. NAI cares, and remain transparent and reliable to our clients.

About Upper East Side

Upper East Side (UES) was once known as the Silk Stocking District. As one of New York City’s most affluent neighborhoods, Upper East Side has its fair share of high-end boutiques, fancy restaurants, and art galleries like Salon 94 and Acquavella Galleries. The neighborhood is also a popular location for films and television shows. Some of these shows and movies include I Love Lucy (1951-1957), Gossip Girl (2007-2013) and Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009).

Upper East Side also has a historic district. It is one of the city’s largest districts, which runs from 59th to 78th Streets along Fifth Avenue. After the Civil War, Upper East Side became a thriving middle-class residential neighborhood. And at the start of the 20th century, the neighborhood transformed once more, but with more mansions and townhouses.


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