Thorough, Precise, and Detailed


We have utilized the services of North American Investigations since 1992 in a myriad of different types of cases ranging from divorce to locating missing persons, to interviewing witnesses to accidents, etc. I have found their work to be thorough, precise, detailed, and extremely competent. A number of cases have settled based upon the results tat they have produced. I have no hesitancy in recommending them in any type of investigative work.

by EJ Waldman from Taub, Hametz & Waldman, PLLC

Online Searches Led Me Nowhere, Until I Found NAI


At this time I have written this letter to show my appreciation for your services. For years the New York, Lancaster, Pa and Gwinnett County, Ga courts have neglected to assist me. Following the chain of command from one Police Plaza to N.Y. local F.B.I. Unit, they continued to rail road me. As an S.S.I. recipient I was forced to take out loans and hired attorneys for years that in turn led nowhere. I used stipends to pay for online searches that led me nowhere. Until one day my girlfriend paid a low cost for N.A.I. search services. I was then able to provide the report to the court of her residence, filed for joint custody & was granted sole custody after she refused service and moved to an unknown location. Thank You!!!

by Jamel White

NAI Consistently Delivers


I am an intellectual property lawyer specializing in franchise and trademark matters. I have been using North American Investigators exclusively for over eight years in trademark infringement cases, and the investigators there have consistently delivered the evidence I needed to win at trial. More importantly, if a matter needs special or immediate attention, I have always been able to speak directly with the owner, Darrin Giglio, and he has on many occasions done whatever was necessary to accommodate me. I highly recommend North American Investigations.

by Jeffrey Zucker from Fisher Zucker LLC

Reliable, Sensitive, and Sensible


We have worked with the private investigators at North American Investigations for more than a decade and have found them to be reliable, creative, sensitive, and sensible about the expense necessary.

by Kenneth Koopersmith from Law Offices of Kenneth Koopersmith, LLC

The Investigators Went Out of their Way to Help Me


These people are great. They go out of their way to help. I was “stuck” on a man that I thought was inappropriate in many ways. They helped me sort all of this out. The first time I called and gave the administrator his name, she could not find him in the state where I was looking. She said that probably meant he was illegal. That made sense. I also found out that he was telling me the truth about himself, namely his marital status and place of residence. These people are friendly, sympathetic and exceedingly helpful. If you want to check someone out, this is the place to go. I found them by googling private investigators. I took my chances as we all know that the Internet is a kinky jungle out there. However, my risk paid off.

Since I got my report, I have had other questions. Much to my surprise, at no additional charge, the company very thoroughly ran additional reports when all I was asking was clarification on what they had already given me. This shows real class and dedication to duty. They obviously do not close a case after a set period and charge more for any additional work. At least they have not done so for me. Three cheers for this company.

by Liz S.

NAI Goes Above and Beyond


NAI goes above and beyond expectations, delivering skilled, analytical insight that has proven itself reliable time and time again. Their private investigators in NYC are professional, experienced and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services to anyone that requires the utmost discretion and values accurate, refined information.

by Justin Thomas Lanci from Hudson Housing Capital LLC