Missing persons investigations and locate investigations are conducted to find the current whereabouts and uncover the contact information of a subject. Although these types of cases sound similar, they contrast in numerous ways when conducting an investigation.

Missing Person, Locate, Private Investgiator, Private Investigations

Missing Persons

Missing Persons Investigations can have suspicious and non-suspicious circumstances relating to each individual case. Examples of such cases are kidnappings, runaways and fugitives.


Locate Investigations

Locate Investigations are conducted to locate a person and provide the client with the most up-to-date information regarding them. Typical subjects include relatives, lost loves, friends, etc.

Online Databases

Internet database searches that are keyed in by clerks result in out of date, false, imprecise, and useless information. At NAI, Experienced investigators who have extensive training and backgrounds in law enforcement and private investigations perform these investigations with quick and accurate results.