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Our private investigators are licensed and bonded in the state of New Jersey. We have the experience to solve your case and have solved thousands of cases in the NJ area over the past decade. Call now for a free consultation with one of our investigators.

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For those interested in hiring New Jersey private investigators, the importance of finding a well-established agency with the experience, professionalism and expertise to conduct your case cannot be overstated. With our 40 plus years in the industry our results driven agency comprised of a skillful staff of New Jersey detectives, many who are former police detectives, federal agents and seasoned investigators will give your case the attention it deserves.
NAI has an entire division dedicated to domestic investigations, such as infidelity, unfaithful partners, cheating spouses and child custody cases. Our expertise also extends to other kinds of investigations. We select from our diverse staff of over 30 detectives the agents best suited for your personal private investigation case. All investigations are handled discreetly and confidentially.

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Our NJ private investigators strive to provide the undeniable proof and peace of mind you deserve. Each year our surveillance division performs thousands of hours of fieldwork keeping our skills sharp and enhancing the quality of our performance. NAI remains current with new developments in our industry which is an integral part of our success and client satisfaction.
Our private investigator NJ agency is licensed and bonded conducting a variety of investigations with discretion, diligence and determination aiming to surpass client expectations.
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  • Surveillance Background Checks
  • Infidelity & Cheating Spouses Find Missing Persons
  • Child Custody GPS and Vehicle Tracking
  • Criminal Investigations Telephone Investigations
  • Undercover Operations