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Our private investigators have the credentials, expertise and experience having successfully solved thousands of cases for our client. We are the leading investigators known for surveillance, matrimonial/infidelity, and criminal investigations. With over 40 years of experience, you can feel at ease when you hire our New York investigators. We are licensed and bonded in NY and have the experience you need to solve your case.

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Our NYC private investigators possess the professionalism, skill, experience and credentials needed to conduct your investigation. Your case is of paramount importance to our agency as are successfully meeting your objectives. Our private detectives specialize in the investigation of domestic issues such as infidelity, adultery, child custody, as well a variety of other investigations. NAI understands the anxiety that some clients may experience therefore, we conduct efficient and confidential investigations using our 40+ years of experience with proven results. Our staff of NYC private investigators is comprised of former federal agents, police detectives, and experienced investigators. Be assured that when you need a private detective we will tailor your case with our intuitive skills and investigative expertise by handling your case diligently and discretely.
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Whether you need a criminal background check or any of our other premier services, NAI can help.
Clients can rely on our private investigator teams for their tactical techniques, expertise with equipment, skill with gathering data from numerous sources and the ability to complete investigations with conclusive results. Each field agent working with our private investigator New York City office is an expert in surveillance, interviewing, observation, reporting and performing the necessary research to aid in your professional investigation.

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