When you need to know specific information about an individual, company, or organization, our New York City background check investigations can help reveal this important information. Whatever the type of information that you need, our background check services can help you find the answers. There are many different reasons for requiring our services, including online dating background checks, employee background checks, and corporate background checks.

Our Background Check Services

We conduct a variety of background check services in New York City including the following:

Personal Background Check

Whenever you need to know more about someone, our private investigators can help uncover the facts… read more about Personal Background Checks

Pre-Marital Background Checks

Getting married is a big commitment, and pre-marital background checks set the foundation for an open, honest marriage… read more about Pre-Marital Background Checks

Corporate Background Checks

Important business decisions should be made after all the available information is presented. We help employers conduct background investigations to uncover potential liabilities… read more about Corporate Background Checks

Financial Background Checks

Whether personal or business, having a clear financial picture can help you understand potential risks of a situation… read more about Financial Background Checks

Employee Background Checks

You have the right to know who is working for you, and as a licensed and bonded private detective agency, we can help… read more about Employee Background Checks

Nanny Background Checks

Nothing is more important than making sure the person you allow into your home to care for your child is truthful and reliable… read more about our Nanny Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks

Finding the perfect tenant is often difficult, and as a landlord it is in your best interest to ensure your tenants are not hiding anything… read more about our Tenant Background Checks