Electronic surveillance is a combination of video and audio surveillance. It produces the most complete picture of what is happening in a specific place at a specific time. It affords a way for people to keep an eye on behavior and activity in order to protect and take care of their homes, businesses or personal relationships. In today’s world of ever-expanding technology, electronic surveillance can also be conducted by or on computers or mobile phones.  Trained private investigators specializing in electronic surveillance investigations can confirm suspicions, provide peace of mind, prevent crime and collect evidence that can later be used in court.

Electronic surveillance can be used in a variety of private investigations, specifically for monitoring a home, business, or suspect.  Other forms of electronic surveillance can include drone, computer, or mobile phone surveillance. This type of surveillance may be used in cases of privacy concerns or in order to provide a more comprehensive idea of what is occurring at a specific place during a specific time

Types of Electronic Surveillance

It is important to note that since electronic surveillance can be used to invade a person’s privacy, most states have especially strict laws about what is legally acceptable. Therefore it is best to rely on a trained and experienced investigator who knows the laws in your state. Some electronic devices an investigator might use in an electronic surveillance investigation are:


Computer surveillance is most often used by businesses to check email activity of employees. More importantly, a business may want to monitor their computers for viruses and spyware to prevent costly losses. Computer surveillance by private investigators is also used as a tool to track emails and invasions of home computers, especially if the safety of children or other family members is at stake.

Video and digital cameras

Video and digital cameras are most often used in situations where a husband or wife is suspected of marital infidelity, a babysitter is suspected of child abuse or theft, or an employee is suspected of wrong doing. However, they can also be employed as a valuable tool in situations such as vandalism or workers’ compensation fraud.

Why hire a private investigator for electronic surveillance?

At North American Investigations our private investigators are licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to obtain vital evidence through audio and video equipment. They have access to devices the average person may not. A well-trained and experienced investigator knows the law and will provide you with indisputable evidence that could be used in court. This is especially helpful in marital infidelity investigations, for instance, which are one of the most common cases handled by a private investigator.

Through advanced electronic surveillance methods, such as home computer and video surveillance, a private investigator can help you know the truth rather than rely on suspicion or hearsay. Depending upon the owner of the computer, investigators can monitor and trace a spouse’s email, chat room and internet activity and provide actual video footage of locations of a spouse’s infidelity.

While hiring a private investigator for electronic surveillance is not a daily event, should the need arise, it provides the comfort and peace of mind that only knowing the truth can bring.