What is physical surveillance?

Physical surveillance is when the private investigator, or PI, watches the person in question. They see for themselves where the person is going, who they are with and how they are getting there. They watch and see what exactly they are doing and they do not close the case until they know without a doubt if there is infidelity or not. This is different from other types of surveillance that is available since this type involves actual detective work, not watching a computer or hacking into email or a social network to see who the spouse has been communicating with. Physical surveillance is utilized by private investigators to gather intel, evidence, and additional information on the suspects they are hired to follow.  There are many types of surveillance, but physical surveillance consists of hidden and occasionally undercover observation of a suspects day-to-day activities by one of our trusted, licensed private investigators.

What’s the difference between “fixed” and “mobile” physical surveillance?

When a person suspects their spouse or partner is being unfaithful, they can drive themselves crazy thinking of the possibilities. They want to know the truth, what their spouse is doing and who they are doing it with. They need help to find out the information they want but the police do not handle infidelity investigations, so the accusing party needs to find another type of professional to help them. They need a private investigator. The private investigator will conduct physical surveillance, that includes both mobile surveillance and fixed surveillance, so they are able to successfully determine if the spouse is actually being unfaithful.

How is fixed surveillance used?

Fixed surveillance is used when the PI determines where the questionable activities are taking place. They set up a place where they can have a clear view of where the people in question are located. While the PI may move around their area to get a clear shot of the activities in question, the suspect typically stays in one area, usually a home or hotel room. From the area in which the PI is located, they can effectively acquire evidence such as photographs, video or sound recordings.

How is mobile surveillance used?

Mobile surveillance is when the PI knows where the suspect works or lives and then follows them to the place where the activities in question are taking place. They may follow them to a park, watch as they go for a run or just figure out what their average day to day activities are. The PI gets to know their every move so when they do something that is out of their everyday routine, they know to raise suspicion. Through the mobile surveillance, they will continue to take photographs, monitor conversations and document anything that can be found suspicious.

Infidelity investigations can be used for a number of reasons. The spouse who hires the PI might just want to know the truth or they might need the proof to get alimony during a divorce hearing. They may just want to see who their spouse is unfaithful with or they might need the assurance that nothing is really going on, that their spouse is faithful to only them. Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance, the only way that a spouse can know without a doubt, and without the other party finding out, is to find a qualified and experienced private investigator to conduct a thorough investigation.