Our private investigators in California have the credentials, expertise and experience required for your investigation.  Whether it’s a simple background check or an accident investigation, North American Investigations can handle it.  We cover central California, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Coast, the South Coast, and primarily Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Hills. NAI detectives are here to help find the proof you need for any case you are looking to conduct. Call now for a free consultation with one of our investigators.  North American Investigations is a licensed and bonded agency in the state of California.

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Whether you are having issues with infidelity and cheating, need help with child custody, need to find a missing person, are a victim of fraud, or need to check a person’s background, our detectives can help you. North American Investigations is a Los Angeles private investigator agency that has been conducting professional investigations for over 45 years providing solid evidence and solved cases to its clients. NAI has been featured in numerous media such as the front page of the NY Times and front page of the NY Post

NAI has over 30 trained private detectives in California with extensive law enforcement backgrounds and advanced technology to solve your case.  NAI is up-to-date with all the latest investigative developments and utilizes its effective proprietary methods in solving your case, remaining a leader in the industry. NAI will be discreet and your matter and information are confidential.


Online Searches Led Me Nowhere, Until I Found NAI


At this time I have written this letter to show my appreciation for your services. For years the New York, Lancaster, Pa and Gwinnett County, Ga courts have neglected to assist me. Following the chain of command from one Police Plaza to N.Y. local F.B.I. Unit, they continued to rail road me. As an S.S.I. recipient I was forced to take out loans and hired attorneys for years that in turn led nowhere. I used stipends to pay for online searches that led me nowhere. Until one day my girlfriend paid a low cost for N.A.I. search services. I was then able to provide the report to the court of her residence, filed for joint custody & was granted sole custody after she refused service and moved to an unknown location. Thank You!!!

by Jamel White

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