3 Spy Tools Brought to Life by Private Investigators

By April 11, 2013private detective

Few occupations sound as exciting as that of the private investigator. There’s the thrill of creating the right investigative plan, following up on leads and trying to make sense out of seemingly unconnected information.

Private investigators aren’t just restricted to finding missing persons or spying on cheating spouses – they also get to work in a number of different areas ranging from insurance to legal to corporate affairs. And if all that isn’t enough, there’s the excitement of working with some pretty neat gadgets to look forward to. What kinds of gadgets exactly? The following are three cool spy tools that have been brought to life by the PI industry:

Tool #1 – The Super Pen

Just ask James Bond – sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. Better yet, ask any private investigator. As well as being great for writing memoirs and signing checks, pens make for great surveillance equipment because, well, who really would suspect a pen?

There are actually a number of different ways to adapt pens for surveillance usage. For example, one popular option is the pen recorder, which allows the user to record conversations while the pen is in a pocket or even while taking notes. The recording pen doesn’t look any bigger than a normal pen; in fact, it looks the same as a normal pen and may even draw comments of admiration!

However, that’s not all, as there are more advanced versions available as well. For instance, for a few hundred dollars, detectives can purchase pens that also come equipped with cameras that can be used to take picture and videos – just like the pen “007” used in the movie, Octopussy. Advancements in modern technology mean that the captured images are recorded in sharp “near-HD” resolutions, making them great for sneaking into business meetings, monitoring dates, and corporate espionage.

Tool #2 – The Private Investigator Jetpack

One of the highlights of the 1966 Bond movie, Thunderball (and there were many), is the scene where “007” flies over a wall using a jetpack manufactured by Q. Back then, jetpacks were considered the stuff of fiction – only to be used in fantasy novels and not in the real world. That was true for the next four decades, but it isn’t the case any longer.

Today, private investigators have the opportunity to use actual jetpacks. After decades of testing and experimenting, several companies – including the Martin Jetpack company of New Zealand – have released personal jetpack systems that can be used by the military or for recreational use.

A key benefit of these newly unveiled jetpacks is that you don’t need to be a pilot in other to use one, as they come equipped with several safety features including backup parachutes. In addition, since the jetpacks supports a payload of up to 100kg, there’s enough room for detectives to pack along any additional gear.

Unfortunately, at close to $100,000 a piece, today’s jetpacks may be a bit pricy for the average investigator, but it’s a technology that’s worth keeping an eye on for the future!

Tool #3 – Creative Surveillance Cameras

How small can a camera possibly get? That question seems to have been taken as a challenge in the PI world.

Every year, new ideas and technologies result in more sophisticated and ingenious surveillance tech. For instance, for less than $600, private detectives can own professional surveillance cameras that are disguised to look just like air fresheners, clocks or even tissue boxes! These cameras can then be installed in several rooms and used to spy on different targets.

Most of these modern cameras are fitted with wireless and 3G capabilities that allow private investigators to monitor anyone they want, from anywhere in the world using their smartphones. As a result, detectives can set up cameras across several different homes and monitor all the activity from a comfortable location far away, all with relative ease.

People call Batman a superhero, but beneath his grim scowl and poor fashion sense, this iconic character is really just a private detective with good fighting skills and plenty of useful gadgets. Similarly, private investigators rely on their intelligence and networks to crack investigations and deliver results. However, along the way – every now and then – they turn to their spy toys for help. This makes cracking the case a little easier – and a lot more fun!

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