Do You Need A Private Missing Persons Investigator?

By December 10, 2015missing person & locates

Many people wonder why you would hire a private missing persons investigator to find a missing person, after all isn’t that what the police are for? It’s true that if someone goes missing and there is some sort of suspected criminal activity involved it’s the job of the police to investigate, but those who rely exclusively on the police will often find themselves disappointed. While you may feel reassured at first, knowing that a missing persons investigation is under way, your hope may soon fade after days pass and you don’t hear anything from the police.

missing-persons-investigation-pvteyesOver 600,000 people are reported missing every year in the United States alone. However, many of those cases are quickly resolved. The reason for this is simple: a loved one goes missing for a few days and his or her relatives report it to the police, but in a few days the missing person turns up. There are dozens of reasons why this could happen, they were on a bender, they just wanted to get away for a few days, they lost their cell phone, etc. Often, the missing person was never really in any danger and they show up by themselves a few days later.

Why Is A Private Missing Persons Investigator Better Than The Police?

Because of this the police have many missing persons investigations open at any one time, and most are resolved without them doing anything. They are used to dealing with panic stricken relatives and are already overwhelmed with other cases, so they often may not do much to find a missing person other than wait for them to show up on their own.

Missing-Persons-investigator-pvteyesYou may need a private missing persons investigator when something like this happens. You know your loved one, you know they wouldn’t just disappear without notifying you, you know something is wrong, but the police don’t believe you. Once you retain a private missing person investigator, they can spend their time exclusively on your case and will continue to diligently search for as long as you retain their services.

As New York private investigator Darrin Giglio tells us, “A private investigator can go to much greater lengths than a police officer to search for your loved one. For example, if you suspect your loved one is in another state, or even another country, the police may be unable to search for them without coordinating an interagency cooperation that is outside of the scope of routine missing persons investigations.”

Why Else Might You Want A Private Missing Person Investigation?

missing-persons-investigate-pvteyesThe other major reason why you might want to hire a private missing persons investigator is because there is no criminal wrongdoing at play. For example you may want to find an old friend or an ex who you’ve fallen out of touch with. In other cases, you may want to find someone who is intentionally avoiding you and is fully within their legal rights to do so, such as an estranged sibling or an adult child who has moved away. For all these reasons, a private missing persons investigator can be the right choice when you really want to find somebody.

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