What Is A Healthcare Navigator?

By December 23, 2013background checks

Healthcare Background Checks

What is a Healthcare Navigator and how does it affect you?  Under Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Navigators will be hired for 20 to 48 dollars an hour and will be working with information collected in the new Federal Data Hub; a massive collection of vital personal data collected on every citizen of the United States.

The data being collected on all Americans includes medical records, SSN’s, tax information, and even banking information.  Different government agencies will have access to the data, and in particular these new Healthcare Navigators.  The individuals hired to these positions will have full access to any and all personal information the government agencies have on file.

Not only will they have full access, but ‘literally’ anyone can become a Navigator.  You don’t need a Masters, Bachelors, or even a High School Degree.  The way you secure a position as a Healthcare Navigator is by taking an online certification exam to prove your worth.  And what makes matters worse, is that you cannot opt out of these programs and these Navigators don’t need to pass healthcare background checks to filter through your personal information.

The most crucial problem that exists with the existence of these Navigators is this:  can personalized or even private data really exist nowadays? In all likelihood, the government would certainly tell you otherwise, but with these new policies in place, we would say your personal information can easily be stolen especially with identity theft on the rise.  If people with no credible backgrounds have the right to filter through almost any of your personal data, how can you be sure your information is secured.

What you ought to recognize with regards to the newly instated Federal Data Hub, there exists an even bigger issue than just HHS Navigators overstepping their bounds than just being given access to citizens’ personal information.  And in Texas, this issue has now become a point of contention.

The advisors tasked with aiding uninsured Texans in finding their way through the challenging means of buying medical insurance will soon need to bounce through a number of hoops to acquire the required permits under new guidelines offered through the Texas Department of Insurance. The navigators would have to confirm their eligibility, go through a check of their history and also present proof of economic accountability with the proposed policies.They would also need to acquire 40 hours of schooling and learning about medicare in Texas along with privacy expectations, and then display evidence they have the appropriate instruction to steer customers towards the suitable health programs.

Under these suggested plans, Navigators will be forbidden from charging with regards to their products and services and also from proposing particular health advantage programs to customers. The recommended regulations would likely prohibit navigators from offering suggestions about substantive advantages nor comparative advantages of various health options.

These proposed changes in Texas come on the heels of a New Hampshire medical employee ended up being sentenced to 39 years in jail Monday for triggering a multistate outbreak of hepatitis C a year ago, as outlined by a news release from the U. S. lawyer’s office in New Hampshire.  Based on the plea deal, Kwiatkowski explained to a detective, “I’m going to kill a lot of people out of this. ” Prior to relocating to New Hampshire, Kwiatkowski worked as a touring healthcare specialist intended for hospitals in states across the country.

With this new information coming into effect at the start of next year, we want our readers to be aware of the basics of a background check and what one usually includes:

Drug and Substance Testing

Roughly 15 to 20 % of most BCs incorporate a substance test. Background Check organizations generally deal with nearby health care centers to carry out the examination. It is usually costly, so it may not necessarily be performed in every circumstance. In many instances, the project specifications establish if a substance examination is essential, especially if the position requires managing equipment or a vehicle. Professionals may also be regularly tested for illegal medications and substances.

Criminal background

Crime along with misdemeanor lookups might be limited to county searches but can also extend nationwide. Just about every individual search costs extra. Several states will simply supply details for the previous seven years. You’ll want to examine every state because their policies may differ from your own. Only data on record to the public is available for a Criminal background check.  Juvenile and records pertaining to their lives whilst they were teenagers will be restricted to the public.


Background checks will more often than not confirm majors, levels of education, accreditations and years degrees were earned. This kind of background check has been more commonly carried out  and has become a common item on account that an overwhelming number of job candidates are falsifying their personal information daily. Most of us have witnessed media stories of major political figures, business owners, educators and celebs who may have lied about their past educational accomplishments.

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