How to Outsmart Your Stalker

harassment investigationIn today’s world where prevalent use of social media is a way of life, stalking has inevitably become that much easier. And with most people’s lives entwined with this technology, the threat of stalking has become that much more amplified.

But while the dangers are very real, and the means to stalk have increased with the development of technology, there are still some basic rules that can help you outsmart your stalker. The technological advancements may have changed, but the core concepts remain the same.

Below are some of the ways you can outsmart your stalker, and ultimately keep safe and maintain peace of mind.

Understand the Situation

Unfortunately, being stalked is an issue not limited to celebrities. Anyone can be a target and, often, the situations stemming from it are not nearly as dramatic as what you see in the movies. If you feel like you’re being stalked, try to look deeper into the matter. Who is the stalker? What kind of relationship do you have with that person? Why could that person be stalking you? And what should be your immediate response? These are some of the basic elements of stalking you need to understand before determining the proper course of action.

Communicate Your Situation

A key problem with people who are being stalked is that they tend to keep the situation to themselves. A person that’s being stalked needs to inform those close to them of the matter because often, the stalker gets information he uses to stalk someone from those closest to them.

If you make your situation be known, not only will you prevent the stalker from gathering information about you from your acquaintances, but you also make everyone aware that you are in some sort of danger.

Protect Your Online World

A common scenario of stalking is done by abusive or mentally unstable exes. A major concern when this is the case is that they could have access to the passwords of your online accounts. When you feel that you are being stalked, it is safest to change the passwords of all your accounts. Since most of these accounts are created with the use of your email, you should also create a new email address. It might also be wise to change phone numbers.

When you think you’ve led the stalker to a different path, you could even provide even more misdirection by providing false information using your old accounts that you believe have been compromised.

Keep Your Head

Being stalked can be one of the more unnerving situations one can find themselves in. It is difficult to carry on with your daily routine when you feel like someone is following you or watching your every move. But while it is tough to have peace of mind when you know you’re being stalked, keeping your wits about you is key to handling the potentially perilous situation.

Get Help

You can abide by all the rules, and be as smart as you can in such a situation, but you should still definitely ask for help. Be it from your friends or from the authorities, making your situation known is one of the smartest things you can do when it comes to being a victim of stalking. 

There are many steps you can take when trying to outsmart your stalker and keep yourself safe. These are just some of the most elementary of tips when it comes to such situations, but they are nonetheless essential to coping with the matter. There are plenty of resources about stalking online, so before you allow yourself to be paralyzed with fear, read up and inform yourself. Keep calm and knowledgeably deal with the situation.

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