Infidelity In The US

By September 27, 2012infidelity

Infidelity in the United States is a serious problem.  Take a look at this infographic to see just how serious of a problem it really is.  This graphic shows how 17% or divorces in the United States are caused by infidelity.   How 53% of all marriages end in divorce, 60% of married men will have an extramarital affair at some time in their marriage,  and how 100% of cheating spouses violate the trust they shared and enjoyed with their spouse.  North America Investigations is a private eye firm that can help you uncover the truth about certain situations when you are worried.  If you have concerns that your spouse might be cheating then call us to find out the peace of mind you need.

Infidelity in the U.S

Infidelity in the U.S Infographic



































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