Internet Dating Scams: The Sweetheart Scam

By May 4, 2012Online Scams

The Sweetheart Scammer is a Master of the Romantic Con

In our never-ending search for love, some of us will turn to the internet. Fed up with bars, night clubs and the singles scene, the internet provides an entire world of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in a virtual sea of like-minded folks. Unfortunately for some of us, not everyone is online in search of their one true love. There is a thing called the online sweetheart scam, which unfortunately, many online victims fall prey to.

A sweetheart scammer is someone that lures innocent singles (usually women) with the promise of love, marriage, a family and the life they have always dreamed of. The con artists are professional and often work a number of women at the same time. While you remain glassy-eyed and love struck by the fantasy of finally meeting your perfect mate, you will slowly be conned out of money and your dignity. Here is how a sweetheart scammer operates:

First, they will spend tons of time with you

They will charm you online with all of the right words. Once they have your phone number they will want to talk to you for hours on end – first thing in the morning and right before you close your eyes to go to sleep. They will tell you that they can’t believe they found you, and that you are the woman they have been waiting for and so on. You will be fooled because they will invest so much time in romancing you, and your “blinded by love” mindset won’t be able to comprehend that they want anything but companionship. This is your first mistake.

The scammer will next ask for a loan

They will claim that their mom is in the hospital or they want to come see you or they just lost their job – whatever pulls at your heartstrings. Sometimes they even tell you that they want to invest in a once-in-a-lifetime property (to build your “dream home”). They will convince you of how trustworthy they are. You will send them money. Why not? After all, this man that you have never met face-to-face – he is your soul mate, right?

If you are hesitant in giving them money, they will withdraw emotionally, leaving you hurt and confused

They might accuse you of not trusting them and not really loving them as you have professed over and over. Some scammers offer up a contract that is supposed to protect you, but in reality, does not. They are master manipulators.

The irony of the entire situation is that once you give the con artist money they will disappear. If you don’t give them money, they will also disappear.

Either way, you are left heartbroken

It’s prudent to have a background search done by on any internet love interest. This is especially true if you are planning to travel to meet him or spend any money on him whatsoever. Failure to do so can leave you bankrupt and with tarnished credit, not to mention so soured by the situation that you have trouble trusting people again.

If you have already been duped by a sweetheart scammer, it might not be too late. Victims often hire Private Investigators to find the con artist so they can seek civil remedies. However, if you have already been drained financially this can be an additional stress that you don’t need. Before falling victim to any internet predator, be sure to do have adequate research done by a private detective. NEVER send the internet love interest any money. Do not travel out of state or out of country before knowing what you are getting yourself into.

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