‘Jimmy Carter believes U.S. is spying on him’

By April 7, 2014NSA

jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter, the former president of the United States of America believes that his country’s own intelligence agencies are spying on him. In a recent interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Carter expressed his doubts over the ongoing actions of the National security Agency of USA. The 39th president of America has expressed his apprehensions over this spying carried out on him, as result of which he has now resorted to old ways of communication in order to prevent exploitation of his privacy.

The 89 year old, former president even quoted that whenever he feels like communicating to any political leader; he does that by writing an old fashioned letter and sends the same via post office. He no longer feels comfortable in sending his mails via e-mail because he doubts that the same shall be monitored by the security agency. Carter further expressed that the government spying on him is certainly uncalled for and believes that the argument of use of surveillance programs and intelligence agencies for ensuring national security has been blown out of proportion.

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Apart from showing his dissatisfaction on the government spying on him secretly, Jimmy Carter mildly supported Edward Snowden, the former American government employee who was accused of leaking documents of the NSA’s previous surveillance programs. Carter said that Snowden undoubtedly violated laws of the country but no convict should be subjected to such inhuman treatment. Even in an interview with CNN that happened around mid of June last year, Carter was heard commenting on the sorry state of affairs of the law and order of the country. He expressed his dissatisfaction on the over-guarded political secrets and believed that sharing political information with the common public would prove utmost beneficial for the government and the country as a whole.

Though Jimmy Carter expressed dissatisfaction on the current functioning of intelligence agencies and openly accused the national security agency for spying on his mails, he exercised complete restrain when asked about the current US president Barack Obama. Carter said that he had no criticism for the 44th President of United States of America over the crises with Ukraine and several other situations. The restrain was exercised by Carter probably because he didn’t want to openly comment about the inability of current US president in solving foreign issues and mal-handling of the army for spreading peace and contentment.

Andrea Mitchell then asked the former president regarding his closeness with current president and that whether he is called by Obama for his advice or political viewpoints. Carter swiftly answered this question with a ‘No’ and even quoted that several previous presidents of US have called him repeatedly for taking his advice and seek answers to their questions but Obama hasn’t called him since the inception of his presidential tenure. Later on, when asked about his views on current governmental setup in the US, John Carter said that the entire democracy of US has been compromised on government spying and looking at the current scenario; USA cannot be dubbed as a functioning democracy as it used to be.

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