Long Term Surveillance Solutions

By January 8, 2016Surveillance

Many people ask me about the best long term surveillance solutions for their property. While private investigators are great for personal surveillance and all kinds of investigative services, an investigator isn’t always what the doctor orders for property surveillance. Whether your business or home is being targeted by vandals and petty thieves, or you have another kind of security threat, surveillance companies offer a wide range of surveillance services and products for your protection. We’ll discuss a few of the security systems that are available on the market for people looking for long term surveillance solutions.


ADT offers a full suite of surveillance services for homes and businesses. They have surveillance cameras for indoors and outdoors as well as dome cameras that provide a 360 degree line of sight. Homeowners and corporate security managers can access all of their video feeds from anywhere within the premises or remotely. ADT even sends email updates so that you can stay connected 24/7, making it an all around solid choice for most run of the mill property surveillance needs.

Synology Surveillance System

The Synology Surveillance system is one of the best home surveillance solutions if you’re looking for a sleek, integrated solution to your security needs. While they don’t offer the same range of products as a traditional security company like ADT, their Network Attached Storage system (NAS) allows you to keep and automatically back up surveillance video and data from all of your electronic devices. You can then playback, download and edit any of the data from a remote location.

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NSM Surveillance


For those looking for high tech surveillance cameras that pack a little more of a punch than what most commercial surveillance systems offer, NSM Surveillance might be the place to look. Based in Spring Valley, CA, NSM Surveillance supplies covert, overt and remote wireless surveillance systems and products to the U.S. Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, as well as to the U.S. Military. These state-of-the-art high tech surveillance cameras are perfect when you need your cameras to stay out of sight, or when you face other challenges like harsh weather and low light conditions. If you’re not a member of law enforcement organization and you’re worried about the price tag or how to get your hands on this stuff, maybe you’re better off sticking with the standard commercial surveillance systems!

These are just a few of the companies that provide surveillance services in the United States. It would take a much longer article than this to dive into all of the options that are on the market, but hopefully this introduction sets you off on the path to finding your ideal surveillance system.

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