Pre-Marital Background Checks Can Be Deal Breakers

By January 20, 2015background checks


When two people make the decision to tie the knot, they need to know who they are about to share a life with. They should know if their soon-to-be spouse has a criminal background, where they came from, if they have been engaged or married before and if they are hiding anything. As indicated in a recent article written by Joe Palazzolo of the Wall Street Journal, Private investigators have been conducting background checks for decades.  I told Joe of a past client who was nervous about getting hurt by starting a serious relationship.  She hired us and it was a good thing she did.  I discovered that he had previously served time in prison on a murder charge that failed to mention to her.

Find the Skeletons They Forget to Mention

Like the example above, there are many reasons a person should conduct a background check on their expectant spouse. The main reason is for peace of mind that the person you are about to marry has no skeletons in the closet. These skeletons often have a way of coming out at the wrong times, making it important to be aware of them before they can make a surprise appearance. These secrets can be just about anything, from a bounced check or dirty pictures to a whole new identity. While it may seem heartless to look into a loved one’s past, it is important to know who they are before the wedding as opposed to after the vows are said.

A premarital background check is vitally important today, in the electronic age where more and more couples are finding love online. The blind date or friends setting up happy couples has dwindled down, so singles are now venturing into online dating. The downside to online dating is that you never really know who you are meeting online, making your premarital background check that much more important, no matter how many in-person dates you have been on or how well you think you know them.

Pre-Marital Background Investigations Are Necessary

A premarital background check should be done by anyone who is marrying someone they met in adulthood. Whenever you meet someone you know that they had some kind of life before they met you. They had other lovers, past bills, different obligations. What you may not know is what these obligations are; do they have children you don’t know about? What about their credit history? Any past crimes they have served time for or are running away from? The fact is, you do not know everything there is to know about somebody, only what they want you to know.

There are some people who should be required to have a background check done before they get married. These people include those who already have children – to ensure that they are not exposing their children to an abuser – or those who are in or may be in the public eye. These include those involved in government, politics or law enforcement. The last thing an aspiring politician wants is to marry a person who will cause some kind of scandal.

Avoid Lies and Deception Before Tying the Knot

Your private investigator will help you decide what you should know and what you can leave out of the investigation. Your own personal situation will determine what they should be looking for. Your investigation will be based on what information you feel is most important and what your budget will be for the investigator. The investigation might include a criminal check, a credit check and public record check. The public records will be the main part of the investigation. They include anything that is public record such as marriage, birth and death certificates that have their name on them. This will tell you if they have been married, divorced, had a child or had any matter brought to a civil suit. If you choose to add on the credit report, you will find out what outstanding debts your future spouse may have, what they have paid off and if they are capable of securing a home or auto loan. The criminal side of things will determine if they have ever been in trouble with the law. This includes all types of crimes including assault, domestic violence and sexual assault, just to name a few. While some crimes may be sealed due to plea bargains or age restrictions, the private investigator has the training and knowledge to get the information that has previously been sealed so you get all of the information you need.

Before you say “I do,” make sure that this is the person who you want to build your life with. The one that you want to be tied to, the one who will be your partner. Make sure that you know exactly who you are marrying, before you marry. It is better to experience the loss of a loved one before marriage than the lies and deception that result in an expensive and emotionally draining divorce.

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