Profile of Notorious Stalker: Glenn Green

By August 31, 2012Criminal Investigation

Glenn Green was recently jailed for two and a half years in a New Zealand courtroom, after pleading guilty to charges of criminal harassment. Mr. Green, a dangerous repeat offender, has over 200 convictions on his record.

Stalkers target their prey for a number of reasons: they have been rejected, they are seeking intimacy, they have a mental disorder, they are acting out of resentment toward their victim; or they are plain and simple predators. Arguably, the predatory stalker is the most dangerous. Glenn Green could be considered a predatory stalker. Predatory stalkers often resort to violent behavior, as they enjoy the power they have over their victims.

42-year-old Green had been released from prison shortly before he started harassing his latest victim, a 19-year-old woman. The woman had no ties to Green, she was a random victim. Green lured the woman in by claiming he knew her recently deceased friend, stating the friend was a member of Hell’s Angels. The friend had committed suicide.

Green showed up at the victim’s home on several occasions. He convinced her to give him her cell phone number. He began to phone her and text her regularly. Green sent a letter to the victim’s mother too. He obtained her home phone number and continued to call her there as well. The woman eventually changed both numbers.

After the victim changed her phone number, Green got more persistent. He phoned her grandfather and convinced her grandfather to give him her new phone number. The woman, terrified for her personal safety, moved to another town in hopes of escaping Green’s constant harassment.

Another victim, a 27-year-old woman, received over 200 text messages within a five day period. In this instance, Green pretended to be an old friend from school. The messages gradually became abusive; as Green indicated that he had gang affiliations and was a member of a white supremacist group. In one message he told the woman to hang herself. The woman also lived in daily fear.

Green, a father of three, had a lengthy history of criminal harassment. His rap sheet includes five prior convictions for criminal harassment and 35 convictions for breaching protection orders. His defense counsel claims that Green is “not a bad man but did bad things”. He said Green was just lonely and seeking friendship. One report stated that Green had served 44 separate terms of imprisonment.

The judge felt that the prison system was having little impact on Green. This is unfortunate for the town in which he will eventually be released to. Although Green expressed remorse, the sentencing judge had difficulty believe the genuineness of it, as he sentenced Green to 15 months for each of the harassment charges.

It is important for victims of such harassment to seek help from the police. Stalkers are potentially violent. Don’t live in daily fear for your safety. If you cannot get the help that you need from the police, contact a private investigator in Long Island, who can gather the evidence that you need in order to bring your stalker to justice. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can sleep soundly at night.

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