Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend: What should I do?

By February 23, 2015cheating girlfriend

Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend: What Should I do?

One of the most heart wrenching experiences for any man is dealing with the discovery of a cheating girlfriend. It’s not something any guy wants to go through emotionally, and in order to avoid such a situation you may consider taking matters into your own hands. There are a number of signs to look for if you suspect infidelity, and by keeping them in mind you will know whether it is time to try to catch her in the act.

She Lacks Interest in Sex With You

One of the first and most obvious signs is a lack of interest in sex. If this happens abruptly it may be very noticeable, leading many men to become suspicious of their partner’s faithfulness in the first place. However, lack of sexual interest may happen over longer periods of time, gradually, and be less obvious. If you find that your girlfriend is less interested in sex than she once was it may be typical behavior for her, but when paired with other signs it may mean something more.

The Way She Communicates Can Tell You A Lot

Perhaps the most important factor to pay attention to is the level and quality of communication between you and your girlfriend. A cheating woman will often seem constantly preoccupied with other thoughts, and will be less communicative in general. Pay attention to the way she answers questions. If her responses seem overly vague or short, she is likely not giving you her full attention. On the other hand, if she seems defensive and nervous in conversation it might mean the same thing. It all depends on her personality.

Disinterest in Your Family Matters

A sign that many men will not immediately look for is their girlfriend’s interest in family matters. This can manifest itself in a number of different ways, but the most common is a new-found disinterest in the opinion of your mother and father. If she doesn’t seem too worried about impressing your parents, it is probably because she doesn’t intend to be seeing them much in the future. Also watch out if she has recently cut you off from her family.

Unaccounted for Whereabouts

Take a look at how she is spending her time. If there are many hours that are unaccounted for, it may be a good idea to ask her how she is spending them. Maybe she is working overtime at her job, or spending more time with friends. In either case, it is worth a check to see whether or not this is true. Take notice if she seems too interested in the details of your schedule, as she may be planning her next secret rendezvous around your day.

Paying More Attention to Appearances

Finally, if she is putting new-found effort into her personal appearance, you may want to be careful. While this may come as a pleasant surprise at first, it will quickly become apparent whether or not you are her intended audience. If she seems to be overdressing for a casual meeting, like getting coffee with a friend, there is a chance something more may be going on.

How to Cope When You Girlfriend Cheats

After considering these signs, you may discover that your girlfriend resembles some or all of the descriptions. Once you have established a level of suspicion you may decide it is time to act. The obvious approach is to ask her. While you don’t want to reveal your suspicions too soon, you may be able to tell if she is lying based on her facial expression and tone of voice. You could also ask her girlfriends what they know. Some of them may be more willing to talk than you would expect.

If you think that she is scheduling her romantic encounters at home, it is worth making a surprise visit or two to see if she has any unexpected company. If you aren’t able to visit, a phone call can be a good alternative, but you will have to take note of her tone of voice. If you aren’t able to catch her in the act, pay attention to her reactions to these check-ins. If she seems nervous or defensive, it is a good sign she has something to hide.

Finally, if you have not had any luck satisfying your suspicions, it is time to hire a professional. A private investigator is the most reliable way to catch a cheating girlfriend. A good P.I. can provide you with photographs, an eye witness account, and details on how exactly she is spending her time. Hard evidence like this may be the thing that finally sets your mind at ease.

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