Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

By December 9, 2009cheating spouse

What are the signs of cheating in a relationship?

In the private investigation industry, we see cheating occur everyday.  Immediately, most people assume cheating is when their partner has some sort of physical intimacy with another individual.  But according to New York private investigator Darrin Giglio, “Many people forget that the emotional intimacy factor is what often leads up to the physicality in a relationship.”  Emotional intimacy is very hard on the one being cheating on – one may feel they lost trust in their significant other, feel betrayed, lied to, and ultimately, deceived.  To identify that someone is cheating on you, there are some early signs to look for.

Early Signs of Cheating

  • Working a lot of overtime
  • Leaving Early for work/coming home late from work
  • Excessive use of the internet/email
  • Unaccountable hours
  • Acting distant when at home
  • Additional mileage on the odometer
  • Having New Friends
  • Hiding cell and home bills
  • Accusing you that you are crazy or it is your imagination
  • Receiving hang-up or restricted telephone calls
  • No longer interested in sex
  • Finding Birth Control items
  • Finding hidden gifts/lingere
  • No longer wearing a wedding ring
  • Taking vacations alone
  • Saying I need space
  • Has new interest
  • Your partner’s mood has suddenly changed for no apparent reason
  • Secret cell
  • He is sneaky when online, closing tabs or changing his passwords
  • ‘Business trips’
  • Drastic change in style/appearance; may start getting in shape
  • Internet browser history may be deleted; they may put a password on their computer
  • They may accuse you of having an affair
  • They may try to find out detail plans about your day so they know when they can go out to cheat
  • Unaccounted gift items may show up
  • The passenger seat in the vehicle may be readjusted

These are a few signs of cheating.  If you see any changes in your significant others behavior, call North American Investigations at 800-724-8080.  We are here to help you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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