Tenant Background Checks & Screening Tips

By September 22, 2010Tenant Check

Steps to Take When Renting Out Your Apartment

Worried about the headaches that may come along with it? There are ways that a landlord can help secure their future endeavors with tenants. Our landlord screening tips will help assist you with questions to ask a tenant, finding the perfect tenant for the apartment or house you are renting, and how to find an investigator to run a tenant background investigation.

First, Ask your Tenants Questions

A red flag should go up if the tenant is wary of answering these questions and/or will not provide the following information:

• Ask their basic vitals: name, date of birth, phone number, current address
• Ask who they are employed by and if you can contact them for verification. If they are not employed, what is their source of income?
• Ask for their credit score and a credit report to be ran
• See why they left their previous location
• Ask if you can run a background lookup on them

Second, Conduct an Interview with the Potential Tenant

You should always conduct an interview with the potential tenant, and see if they are a fit for you. Some questions to ask are:
• Ask how many people will be residing at the location
• See if they have any pets
• See if they are a smoker
• Are they planning on having parties?

Third, Run the right tenant background checks

There is no use in getting a background check for a tenant unless it includes the following:

• Address Summary
• Name verification
• Liens/Judgments
• Bankruptcies
• Criminal History
• Credit Check

The best way to get accurate results, is by hiring a licensed private investigator. Veteran Manhattan private investigator Darrin Giglio advises: “Don’t use free services or cheap background checks on the internet, because they often contain inaccurate and outdated information. You get what you pay for.”

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