The Importance of Installing a CCTV in Your Home

By February 1, 2017Surveillance

CCTV camerasThese days, having a fence and keeping your doors locked may no longer be enough to keep you and your home safe from intruders. Every year, more homeowners get CCTVs installed at key areas of their home and with good reason: CCTV and other forms of electronic surveillance offer a lot of key benefits that conventional security measures can’t provide.

  1. A CCTV itself helps prevent crime.

Some homeowners think that there’s no use getting a CCTV if all it does is record what’s happening and not actually stopping crime. What they don’t realize is that simply having a CCTV can help prevent a would-be criminal from breaking into your house. If they know they’re being recorded, they would think twice before committing any crime because…

  1. …criminal’s testimonials don’t work well with CCTVs.

What sets a CCTV apart from alarms and other conventional home security systems is evidence. A criminal can trigger an alarm, get caught, and deny trying to break into your home, but their testimony won’t hold if you have a clear shot of them getting caught red handed. Of course, proper CCTV placement and choosing the right model helps by providing clearer videos but just having something that can debunk a would-be criminal’s alibi greatly helps.

  1. You can speed up the hunt with help from a CCTV.

In case someone did commit a crime within your premises and got away with it, investigators may spend months or even years trying to find a culprit. Because a CCTV can record a person’s face, stature, and in some cases, even details such as moles, scars and hair style, law enforcement will have an easier time starting their search.

  1. A CCTV helps inform the public.

Because a CCTV can record a lot of things regarding would-be criminals, the authorities can simply get screenshots captured from whatever the CCTV recorded, have it printed or circulated online and then notify the public about the details. This not only helps by informing everyone who to look out for, but also serve as a warning for them to be more careful.

  1. CCTVs can see where you can’t.

A lot of break-ins involve intruders slipping through side windows or key areas in your home that you wouldn’t expect anyone to access. This includes areas such as the roof, a second story window, or behind a narrow gap at the back or on the side. A CCTV can be installed to provide surveillance over blind spots around your home.

  1. You can also monitor non-criminal activity.

Having a CCTV doesn’t just keep your property safe from intruders; it also helps you observe other things that may be going on in your home. For example, if your potted plants get damaged on a regular basis, a CCTV will be able to provide 24/7 surveillance to see if it’s the work of your house pet or something else.

Back then, CCTV installations were almost exclusively accessible to businesses and high-income households. With advancements in manufacturing the technology and the information industry in general, even the average household can now enjoy the benefits of CCTV without breaking the bank.

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