The Most Important Signs of Cheating

Are you worried that your spouse may be cheating?

Before we discuss the pros and cons of a private investigator, let’s talk about cheating.  Marital suspicion is not always baseless. It is usually the result of communication breakdown, silent resentment and obsessive observation. Yes, when a person is upset he/she tends to very closely observe a spouse, taking note of where that person goes, how often, and how peculiar the behavior they exhibit

Sometimes this marital suspicion is natural. Unfortunately, suspicion is usually correct. As veteran Manhattan private investigator, Darrin Giglio reports, “The majority of private detective cases in which you suspect infidelity usually result in your intuition being correct. Cheating is all the more likely if the two of you have had marital problems and are no longer intimate. Sexual desire does not dissipate in an unhappy marriage. It may stay stagnant for a while but eventually will be rechanneled towards another attractive or available person. Suppressed sexual desire can be even more intense than a person’s natural libido.

Ask Yourself the Important Questions

Therefore, sexual problems and a constantly vanishing partner are always giant red flags that there may be cheating. What are some other signs of cheating our private investigator New York detectives could tell you? A private investigator in New York might tell you to pay close attention to subtle changes in behavior. Is your spouse making unusual changes in his or her appearance? Is there unaccounted for time in their schedule? Does your household car seem different, in terms of seat adjustment? Do you occasionally find unusual hairs in the passenger seat? Is your spouse on the computer more often than before? Are there unaccounted for bills or money shortages? Does your spouse receive frequent cell phone calls or texts? Are they very guarded with their phone? Last but not least, is your spouse defensive and perhaps even angry when discussing his/her whereabouts or new habits?

Our private investigator nyc agency has the experience to help you get conclusive proof of infidelity.

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