Using A Private Investigator To Help You Locate A Loved One

The Police Can’t Always Find Missing Persons

There is nothing more agonizing or stressful than losing a loved one. Not knowing where they are or even if they are deceased can be even very upsetting. Family members often turn to Private Investigators to help them locate their missing loved ones.

Police forces have dedicated task groups and man hours allocated to find missing persons. However, they are limited by funding and time. Hiring a Private Investigator ensures that your case is top priority and won’t go “cold” even when newer cases come along. Best of all, you will be fully involved in the investigation process.
At North American Investigations, we have over 45 years of experience in locating missing persons. Some of the cases we deal with are:

• Child Abduction – you child is taken by your ex-spouse. Private Investigators travel overseas and cross-country to locate your child(ren) and bring them back to their custodial parent.

• Deadbeat dads/moms – your children deserve to know both parents and you deserve to receive your child support payments. Private Investigators can help you track down you absent ex-spouse.

• Reunited friendships – you had a fallout with a close friend many years ago and want to reconnect or someone you went to school with. A private detective has all of the tools to reunite you with your childhood pal.
• Lost Loves- Maybe you had an ex girlfriend/boyfriend or romantic interest you want to reconnect with.

Others wish to reconnect with a sibling separated at birth, contact someone they may have infected with a communicable disease or reunite family members for an upcoming reunion.

Place Your Trust in Someone With Experience in Locate Investigations

Locating a missing person can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. It can be a full-time job and take you away from other work and family responsibilities. Many children feel neglected by their parents while they are searching for their missing sibling. This is when it is best to trust and expert in locating missing persons rather than shoulder the burden alone. Professionals have the resources that you don’t.

The easiest place to start searching for a missing person is of course the Internet. Search engines are your best ally in located long lost loved ones. Social networking sites have also been reuniting people for years now. Anyone who uses Facebook, MySpace or Twitter will be able to tell you a heartwarming story of finding their grade school friends and reconnecting but sometimes that is just not enough or the information you gather is partial and not complete to actually find or contact them.

Private Investigators Have Access to Records that Aren’t Readily Available Online

Certain records are available for public viewing. You can search death records, bankruptcy information, tax liens and more through various mediums. In most areas civil court and divorce records can be searched by anyone. Superior Court Criminal Records are also public information and can be found on any number of databases. If the person you are searching for is a member of a professional organization such as a nurse, psychologist, accountant or architect, their name will be a matter of public state record. Public records can gives you leads but may not produce the current whereabouts and contact information that a private detective can uncover. A Private eye has numerous resources, contacts and proprietary methods that are available to them to help you find them.

When your child is missing or your ex-husband has run off without paying your alimony, you need more resources and skills than a simple internet search can provide. A Private Investigator has a number of additional resources at their fingertips – plus experience, know-how and the ability to travel to remote locations and patiently survey areas where they might find your missing person if needed.

Sometimes Missing Persons Don’t Want to Be Found

Many elderly people have no idea what Facebook is. Others change their identity in order to remain elusive. This is where a Private Investigation comes in. They pick up where the last known sighting of your missing person is and follow their trail, gather new evidence and potentially solve your case.

Rather than trusting your missing persons case to a unqualified personnel at a internet research company or over-worked police agencies, it is beneficial to get assistance from Private Investigators who have helped hundreds of others in your situation. Finding your loved ones is simply too important to not take that extra step.

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