What are Computer Forensic Services?

By December 17, 2015Gadgets

In the modern technological environment, more and more communications are taking place via computers every day. The prevalence of email, text, Facebook, Twitter and the hundreds of other forms of digital communication mean that investigators have access to more information today than ever before… That is, if they know how to look for it. This is why computer forensic services is an important part of many modern investigations.

Computer Forensic Services

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the mainstay of computer forensics services. Using data recovery techniques, a computer forensic service can recover deleted emails, texts, computer files and social media posts. Data recovery experts can even recover temporary files, search histories and access and usage information. The most obvious application of data recovery is simply reading the content of deleted files or communications, but experts can help clients find the answers to more complicated questions such as whether documents were forged, whether company policies were broken, and who has accessed sensitive files and when.

Smartphone Data Recovery

Applying data recovery techniques to smartphone recovery can reveal more information than just texts. A computer forensic service may be able to recover anything from call logs and contacts lists to deleted photographs. But the real goldmine with smartphones is the GPS and location data, which allows a computer forensics service to figure out where and when the phone’s user was over a period of time.

Digital Security

In addition to data recovery, a computer forensic service can provide clients with digital security solutions. Computer forensics services can offer penetration testing and incident response planning. Penetration testing simulates an attack on the client’s computer system to detect weaknesses so that they can be fixed before an attacker exploits them. Response planning is just what it sounds like, coming up with a plan to detect and rectify any security breaches that do occur.


Using a combination of good old fashioned physical investigation and computer forensics, private investigators have even more resources available to them than ever before to crack the toughest cases and protect their clients. Just about everything leaves a trace when you’re using a computer, so when all the physical evidence has been destroyed or is inaccessible, turn to computer forensic services!

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