What is a Bug Sweep, and When do you Need One?

By February 23, 2016Surveillance

A bug sweep is a process in which a private investigating company finds and assesses the nature of various threats in the form of recording devices and other devices in homes, cars, or offices. Recording devices can be hidden in a bevy of places, and are used to essentially spy on a person illegally. Now, why would someone bug your property? It is definitely not a common practice, but one that does happen and can cause irreparable damage. It’s also extremely difficult to find on your own, so a bug sweep service is usually required. But how do you know when you need a bug sweep? If the following is happening to you, contact a bug sweep service today.

Private Conversations Not so Private

Have you been having conversations in your home and office, and then hearing about them from people who weren’t present? Your private conversations are supposed to be just that — private. When you hear them repeated back to you in passing, there is a chance that you’re being bugged. Your home or office should be a safe place, so a bug sweep might be your only option.

tapped phone

Competitors in your field suddenly know all of your moves

In certain industries, competition is fierce. Whether it’s trying to gain access to important or damaging information or to simply gain an advantage, your competitors could have reasons to bug you. If you notice that your competition suddenly knows all of your moves, is stealing ideas, or is acquiring your leads out from under you, they could be recording you.

You’ve recently gained access to valuable information

This is more of a preemptive measure, but still valid. Information is extremely powerful, and some people wish to exploit it to further their own agendas. If you find yourself in possession of valuable information, it would be wise to have a bug sweep of all your personal property. When information is sought after, people will do anything to obtain it. That includes illegally bugging others.

Bug sweeps, if done correctly, can help protect you and your work from illegal eavesdropping. The idea of being bugged can stress anyone out, so put your mind at ease. A bug sweep is your best option in keeping your private conversations from being accessed.

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