What Men and Women Think About Cheating

By July 31, 2012cheating spouse

Believe it or not, cheating has grown more and more common over the years. The majority of relationships and marriages that end around the world each day are said to be due to one or both partners cheating. So, what constitutes cheating? This topic has been widely disputed for a long time. What women see as cheating may be slightly different from what men see as cheating and vice versa. In some cases, however, both men and women can agree on many forms of cheating.

What Women Consider to Be Cheating

 Although this is not the same for every woman, most women do consider more simple gestures to be cheating or borderline cheating. According to reports, numerous women feel that anything involving touching, being close, talking closely, and flirting should be considered cheating. Some examples of this include:

Talking to another woman often

Some women have stated that if their significant other talks to another woman frequently and talks about personal things, this is a form of cheating. They feel this way due to the fact that their significant other is going to another female for conversation and attention.

Intense flirting

Although most women feel that playful flirting is fine, they stated that the problem arises when the flirting becomes more. This includes anything that involves sexual gestures and comments.


Most women can agree that cybersex is just as wrong as real sex and that it constitutes as cheating. Many women commented on this saying that if their man was chatting sexually with someone online and engaging in any type of sexual activity, they would be confronted and accused of cheating.

Watching Pornographic Material

There was also a small amount of women who stated that if their man were watching porn, they would feel as if they were cheating. They feel this way due to the fact that he is getting sexual satisfaction from a different source.

What Men Consider to Be Cheating

Although men and women typically share similar beliefs as to what constitutes as cheating, many men tend to be a bit more lenient. Various men have agreed that engaging in anything intimately, sending nudes or dirty pictures, and sexting or cybersex constitutes as cheating. Some further explanations of this include:

Being intimate

The majority of men agreed that the act of being intimate is cheating. This includes touching, hugging, kissing, dancing closely, and talking about intimate things.

Nudes and dirty pictures

Most men also state that sending nudes or dirty pictures to someone is just as bad as cheating. They feel that if you are in a relationship your body should be kept just for your significant other. This includes fully nude pictures and suggestive pictures.


This is one of the forms of cheating that most people can agree on. If you are sending sexual text messages or instant messages that involve sexual relationships and sexual acts, you are considered to be cheating in the eyes of most.

One thing that both women and men can agree on always is the fact that if you feel guilty about what you are doing and you could not tell your significant other about it, then you are considered to be cheating. So to sum it all up, if you feel bad about it, just don’t do it.  Be sure to find out how North American Investigations can help you if you feel like any of this sounds familiar.

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