When the Police Can’t Find a Missing Person

Missing Persons - What to do When the Cops Can't Find a Missing PersonThere are times when police fail to find people who are reported to be lost, and this may even result to the loss of connection or communication when police gets a dead end with their search. For most cases where lost persons are not found, there are people who are asking about how they can still find any missing person on their own, and the following are some steps you can do:

Contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

NamUs is operated by the US Department of Justice which is used by citizens to upload any information about the missing person you might be looking for to their database. This helps provides research assistance to any law enforcement agencies who are helping in the search.  Those looking for children, however, should contact National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Check the Last Place the Person was Seen

If it’s a public place, look for any signs or clues that can help determine why the person has gone missing.  If the last place he/she was seen was at a private establishment, get permission from the owner or manager to see any security camera footage if available.

Contact Relatives of the Person in Question

Ask them whom the person was last seen with and ask them if he or she was having any visible problems (health, altercations, etc.) before they lost communication with him or her.

Check Local Medical Care Facilities

If the person has gone missing, it could be due to an accident which requires medical care.  This has lead to a number of unexplained accounts of missing persons throughout the US, especially if the person has no forms of identification.  Call these facilities and ask whether they have any John Doe’s under their care.

Check Social Media Sites

Tracking down a persons whereabouts can be done with help from his digital trails. This is an easy step in finding a person easily especially when depending on the recent posts of the person.

Spread fliers Around Your Community

It may be considered an aged technique of finding someone, but this is also considered an effective way of letting other people know about the person you are looking for. Our experts advise fliers to contain the image of the missing person, on one standard page with the contact information of the family looking for him or her.  It is one of the most effective ways to aid an ongoing missing person investigation.

As a last resort, contact people in the media.

If you want fast and wide spread awareness for the missing person, it is best you contact the media about it. Newspapers, media websites, TV and radio stations are effective places where information of missing people can also be given.

When looking for a missing person, it is necessary that the people looking for the person do not lose hope nor give up in searching for the person. Contact the authorities, a local private investigator, and reach out to others who can aid in the search.


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